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The Myth of Mental Illness

Here is an old classic by Thomas Szasz entitled The Myth of Mental Illness. This is an old book relevant to the LP HEALING paradigm because of its argument that psychiatry is a pseudoscience and that the category of "mental illness" is more about power and control than it is about actual mental illness.

I'm putting this on the book club list because the author says some important stuff about "mental illness." Specifically, he says psychiatry is a System process that, much like the French guillotine makes it easier for condemned to die, makes it easier for the "socially downtrodden--to be ill and die." In particular, he says that the psychiatric and psychological diagnoses of something as a "mentally illness" is a way to obscure the pain and suffering that lies behind it. It is a way to obscure the "moral and political" nature of "mental illness."

Have a read and see if you can uncover why Szasz would say such a disturbing thing.


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-- All you need is love...

sounds like a good read

Here is a review of said post

Thomas Szasz and the Myth of Mental Illness

-- All you need is love...

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