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The Noble Eightfold Path<br>The Three Rs of Alignment

The Noble Eightfold Path

In LP terms, the Buddhist Noble Eight Fold Pathi is a [spwiki]Connection Manual[/spwiki] that offers eight pithy statements designed to help an individual gain “liberation,” or in LP terms prepare for and establish [spwiki]Connection[/spwiki]. In as much as connection liberates you from anxieties, fears, attachments, illnesses, illusions, and delusions of a [spwiki]Bodily Ego [/spwiki]disconnected from [spwiki]Spiritual Ego[/spwiki] and attached to the material world, the Buddhist goal of [spwiki]liberation[/spwiki] is the same as the LP goal of connection. The Noble Eight Fold Path is thus a Connection Manual that provides guidance on how to prepare for and establish connection.

The Noble Eight Fold Path’s statements are provided below and summarized by Sri Rahulaii

  1. Right understanding (Samma ditthi)
  2. Right thought (Samma sankappa)
  3. Right speech (Samma vaca)
  4. Right action (Samma kammanta)
  5. Right livelihood (Samma ajiva)
  6. Right effort (Samma vayama)
  7. Right mindfulness (Samma sati)
  8. Right concentration (Samma samadhi)

The LP offers similar connection guidance in the form of the [spwiki]Three Rs of Alignment[/spwiki], which are [spwiki]Right Thought[/spwiki], [spwiki]Right Action[/spwiki], and [spwiki]Right Environment[/spwiki]. In order to prepare for Connection and Connection Practice, an individual has to establish right thought, right action, and right environment. An individual that makes progress on these three dimensions is an individual that is properly preparing for healing, connection, and union.

The LP’s Three Rs provide, essentially, a recategorization, simplification, and (IMHO) refinement of Buddha’s [spwiki]Alignment [/spwiki]and [spwiki]Connection [/spwiki]advice.

Right Thought: The LP admonishment to establish right thought includes the Buddhist right effort (discipline and appropriate intent), right mindfulness (grounded awareness of self and reality), right concentration (breathing, mental development, mental control), right understanding (apprehension of the Truth of things, [spwiki]Archetypal Revision[/spwiki]), and right thought (positive, loving, non judgmental, supportive, non-assaultive, compassionate thoughts). iii

Right Action: The LP right action, which is essentially ethical and compassionate action in all areas of life where you interact with other living beings, includes the Buddhist right action, right livelihood, and right speech.iv

Right Environment: Notably, the LP admonishment to right environment has no equivalent on in the Buddhist path, except insofar as right action, right speech, right livelihood, and so on all contribute, when practiced correctly, to the establishment of right environment. It is important to make the necessity of establishing right environment explicit, otherwise there is a tendency to blame the individual for failure to heal and connect, even when a toxic environment is clearly the main issue that needs to be addressed.

Photo by Elijah Hiett on Unsplash


iWalpola Sri Rahula, “The Noble Eightfold Path: Meaning and Practice,” Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, accessed April 25, 2019,

iiWalpola Sri Rahula, “The Noble Eightfold Path: Meaning and Practice,” Tricycle: The Buddhist Review, accessed April 25, 2019,

iiiInterestingly, Rahula throws right effort, mindfulness, concentration, understanding, and thought into the categories of mental discipline (right effort, right mindfulness, and rich concentration) and wisdom (right thought and right understanding).

ivRahula make a statement similar to the one being made here when he places right speech, right action, and right livelihood under the same category as ethical action. As he says in Ibid, Now, in ethical conduct (sila), based on love and compassion, are included three factors of the noble eightfold path: namely, right speech, right action, and right livelihood.In this context,l the LP right action is the equivalent of ethical action, which is a combination of right speech, right action, and right livelihood.

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