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Schooling the World

Here's a movie suggested by Mohini. It concerns Western education which, as pointed out in the documentary below, has been a weapon used by capitalists to engage in a centuries long practice of spiritual, emotional, and psychological [spwiki]colonization[/spwiki]. Essentially, the western education system is used not to uplift and improve, but to impose uniformity and conformity on native populations so they can be forcibly inserted into [spwiki]The System[/spwiki]. The consequence of this psychological and emotional colonization is the destruction of culture, language, indigenous knowledge, and self-esteem. We don't notice this in the West because, like a frog in a gradually boiling pot, by the time we realize it, we're either too old to do anything about it, or too burnt to try.

The documentary is paced a little too slow, but it's still worth watching.

Thoughts and discusson below

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