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Awakening Movies

Feel free to post "awakening movies", "awakenings songs", and so on, in the Awakening forums. Awakening movies can be any movie that either awakens you to reality, or helps understand things in a deeper and more sophisticated way.

The first recommend comes from jsb817 who brilliantly recommends La Belle Verte (1966). I provide the link and a summary. Please feel free to comment on, ask questions of, the film and its relevance to awakening in this thread. Please feel free to post other recommends that you feel open us up to reality, and help us to understand things at a deeper level.

To post a recommend, enter a subject line of "Movie: Title of film (year)". If you can, post a link for viewing, and a link to the IMDB entry. If you're brave and/or confident, you can enter a summary of the movie and give us the reason why you think it fits here. Or, better yet, just share whatever you feel like sharing in the moment.


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I'd like to recommend

"La Belle Verte The Green Beautiful.(1996)" ^^


"La Belle Verte The Green Beautiful.(1996)" ^^

A brilliant recommend! Watched this last night. Its my daughter's new favorite movie.

The movie opens on a planet that is not Earth. The people there live in a utopia. There is no money, no technology, no disease, no poverty, no social problems, etc. They live in small villages, spend their time playing and enjoying life, and meet once a year to determine birthrate, deal with issues, and trade. They are also aware of other planets. They discuss Earth which they note is "behind" all the other planets. They send emissaries to Earth periodically to check things out, and to help give the planet a boost.  Nobody wants to go though, because its an unpleasant place. The last emissary they sent was there during the French Revolution and was disgusted by it.

Eventually Mila (whose mother was from Earth) decides to go. She arrives on Earth and is shocked by the pollution, disgusted by the toxic food (she and her whole society is vegetarian). She can't eat the food and needs to recharge by being near by a baby. Interestingly, the baby also benefits from contact and touch, something scientists are only now beginning to realize. She has a peculiar effect on people. People "wake up" and realize the truth of things when they are around her. One man she meets throws off his shoes and goes barefoot, perhaps realizing his disconnection with nature. Another man she meets, a "chief" whom she "can't stand being around " because of his hierarchy and arrogance, also wakes up, literally realizing he's an asshole and finally understanding all the mistakes he's made with his life, his son, and his wife.

There's lots of little "awakening" moments throughout the film, and I'm not going to say anymore to encourage folks to view it (a link is provided for LP students below). It is pretty low budget, and a little cheesy at parts, but it really does speak to awakening. Actually, it is more than that. As any "intermediate" level LP student will realize, it is an almost complete artistic rendering of  a new energy Creation Template.

I discuss that in more detail in the activation forums. Here I'll just say, several TOSAS archetypes play out in the film.  The two most obvious are Power and Graduation.

Power: Mila, main character, has a very powerful effect on people. Just walking by them causes them to "disconnect" (presumably from the toxic System) and wake up. This is a very clear expression of the TOSAS Power archetype, which graphically illustrates just this effect


Graduation: The TOSAS Graduation archetype is also represented. The TOSAS Graduation archetype represents "planetary graduation." It represents the end of evolutionary, social, political, and economic preparations, and the graduation to an interplanetary utopia. This idea exactly represented in the film, which describes an interplanetary utopia watching planet Earth try to graduate out of its immature state. The image on the TOSAS graduation card reflects this idea exactly.

TOSAS Graduation

There's other TOSAS archetypes represented in the movie as well; but like I said, in the other thread.

It's a great film, and really worth seeing, probably more than once. If you are an LP student, definitely watch it now, and watch it again after you are familiar with the TOSAS archetypes, introduced as part of the intermediate level "activation" curriculum.

As a side note, if you are an artist, I say the TOSAS can be used as an artistic reference book for anybody wanting to create new energy creations. I'm still working on it, but its shaped up enough to see. You can access its content for free over here.


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Hello to all. I would be interested to have a discussion about the documentary "SCHOOLING THE WORLD", if some of you would also be.

It is on youtube:

Seems like an excellent pick. We'll look at it tonight and I'll post a individula thread for discussion this weekend.

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