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Why people who smoke weed sometimes have eating-frenzies

Weed = higher CQ.

Higher CQ = More Self Esteem, Self Love, Self Respect

Food = Love, Caring for Oneself, Self Respect, Neurological reason; for baby, food is associated with love, because it receives food and love simultaneously.

When people eat, they start loving themselves. This may be posited from a neurological perspective. Thus, they start the eating-frenzy because their higher cq asks this from them. To love themselves more, because this is its expectation of how reality should be for the being with the higher CQ.

However, it is a semiconscious drive. Higher Self does not ask this, it happens automatically due to the "programms" of the body.

Could be...

I think....

Weed = stronger connection. Connection = a heavy burden on the brain and CNS. Carbohydrates = brain food. Ingestion of carbohydrates helps the brain and CNS deal with the extra burden of connection, much like the ingestion of protein following a muscle workout helps the muscles of the body repair.

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Hm, yes, makes sense.

Do you think both explanations could work simultaneously?

I personally never had it. But my brother did, and some friends as well, especially at the begining. Food ingestion is related to emotionality alot in my opinion. Apetite is mostly related to the psyche. I say so, because I have been through a decade of having 0 apetite. I ate cuz I knew I would die if i'd not do it. The food, even if yummi, did not give me this satisfaction it sometimes gives me nowadays. Physically, nothing changed, psychologically, alot since then. Thus, I conclude that food is related to the psyche, and especially to the emotions.

The case of anorexia keeps comming in mind as well. Someone I knew once outed herself as an anorexic. Upon being asked why she does it, she said that throwing up makes her feel "clean".

Vomiting thus relieved her of something. She had a rather suboptimal environment at that time - while retaining a relatively high cq (she was quite brilliant, an absolute polyglot, she learned three languages simultaneously to perfection within a couple of years...) Much later on, I concluded, that vomiting regularly relieved her of all the toxicity she stored inside.

The basic idea is the following: The stomach is capable of infusing certain emotions into the food. The body then creates an urge to put it out fast. Thus, the person is relieved of that package at least.

Similarly, when people are in extreme stress situations, the very same occurs. After exams, or during shocking moments, or incredible anxiety, the body swiftly creates the urge to vomit. Why? What good should come from it, from an evolutionary perspective? Wouldn't it minimize the chances of survival?

Explaining such cases with the above suggestion is feasable, because now the behavior can be interpreted as an attempt of the PU to heal itself/ get away the worst toxicity, that is emotionally sticking to it.

This interpretation would require emotional energies to be real entities that somehow are able to "attach"/influence physical matter. Which is a strong assumption. But not necessarily a wrong one.

for me, i find myself heavily stoned if i don't eat. This would be in my opinion, due to the activation of neurons and cabanoid receptors throughout my central nervous system being active more prominently. If we imagine the body as a computer, and the weed as an extra set of processing power, simply adding weed won't make my day better, my body needs a boost to its Physical Unit to be able to handle the weed itself. Not doing so causes me to feel faint and lightheaded, simply installing a graphics card sometimes doesn't improve performance... you need to update manually sometimes.  Our bodies are the same, a vessel, car, computer, whatever you wish to call your consciousness.

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