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Wild, Wild Country -- Weeds in the Garden of Eden

What do you get when you take a damaged bodily ego, irresponsible use of [spwiki]Connection Supplements[/spwiki] (Osho liked his nitrous oxide), and spiritually naive Western white folks? You get Osho, a man whose 96 Rolls Royce automobiles,  militarized "spiritual" complex, and bizarre attempts to colonize a spot of land by poisoning the locals, speaks volumes to the problems with spirituality on this planet. Despite numerous red flags, people threw money at this man and, to this day, still follow this charlatan and his teachings. Strong words? Don't defend a monster, and don't ignore the red flags! Having nice things is not bad, but as pointed out in Rocket Scientists Guide to Authentic Spirituality, but no authentic teacher would ever show such an attachment to the material world as he, nor would they ever harm innocent people.

Additional Reading

Milne, Hugh. 2015. Bhagwan: The God That Failed. St Martin’s Press.

Sosteric, Mike. Unpublished Draft. Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality. St. Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press.


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I viewed the Netflix series or should I say binge-watched as a worthy homework assignment, I found issues in the documentary screaming and writhing with the dynamics of enmeshment, where there was no healthy separation between a responsible teacher and mindful students, boundary violations in terms of ethics regarding how the people who were not part of this group would view them since this group thought they were really trying hard to be an example. The justification of paranoia and harming others just to be 'protective'.

They practically creeped out the locals. This blind devotion, wearing the same color scheme of clothing looking upon one human being as a 'god' without having been guided to seeing the avatar within. It was an interesting movie, though I felt badly for those who were interviewed really thought they were doing good things, or being a 'good disciple'.

On the physical level it was viscerally painful because the dynamics reminded me of some churches I used to be a part of. Remembering my own attitude of devotion, with strong limits -- while questioning other aspects in the human dynamic and the way scriptures were interpreted, also near the end of the series I felt as if I nearly sympathized with them. I saw this realization wondering what had I not addressed yet. The void of needing to belong was the commonality whether someone was either being rejected or doing the rejecting, it creates liability and propensity to be deceived for all involved.

"Sifting through the billions of muggles to find the rest of my tribe... it's gonna take awhile. "

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