I feel a miracle has happened to have stumbled upon your channelings. I have studied virtually everything I could on personal development since I was a teenager and I have always been intuitively and intellectually a vicious seeker of the truth. My genius zone had always been issues of the spirit connection since I was a child. However, I only realized that in my early thirties (I am now 37) after understanding that I have been severely blocked by my family, Toxic Socialization, indoctrination and years of being victim to conscious or unconscious System Agents.

As a child I was highly intuitive, with clear connection and everyday Zenith Experiences. Somewhere down the road the intoxication from my family environment was so overwhelming that eventually I switched off the lights and forgot everything so that I could protect myself from further damage. In one of my meditations lately I found myself in a child memory to have built a protective space around me made with some couch pillows and thinking ‘what the heck am I doing here? Everyone is crazy or sick and the conditions around me are sub optimal and toxic.’ After that it looks as if I went into a long term hibernation state from which I started waking up only after my 30s.

I remember attending a networking event in the Dominican Republic back in 2013 when I found myself around somewhat more spiritually advanced people enjoying life at profound levels, for me. After that event I went back to London only to see a vision in my meditation. I was in a thousand years of sleep and someone woke me up. I remember asking somewhat irritated, “Why are you waking me up?” A voice answered “It is time, you will understand” It was like I was sleeping in some metal futuristic coffin looking device (reminded me of vampire vaults). I think that the leverage of my waking up was my then separation with the woman I loved. It hurt so much however I now realize that the whole experience was to empower me to start seeking my true Self and initiate the healing process that had delayed me for 20 years. After that event I tried ayahuasca and then everything changed. I realized that the last 20 years I have been severely blocked, with one of the main reasons being sexual harassment in my family, and my deep guilt and shame.

Working for couple of years with ayahuasca and peyote I started cleansing myself. I did a life coaching diploma and focused on personal development even more. Eventually I dropped my dream job in London to take time to reconsider who I am. Two years in Greece 2014-2017 I worked day and night to forget all I have learned and reestablish myself.

I won’t hide. I now know I am here because I answered The Call. I had always knew that there is something with me that is not exactly aligned with what everyone else around me seemed to be or do. I have a strong connection with the ancient Greek spirit and no matter how much I have tried to run away from this realization, there is always something there to remind me that I have to remember who I am and why I am here. I do understand now the concept of bodily and spiritual ego so I have started going through and re-filtering all the ideas about my entity.  It looks as if in the spirit world I am extremely information focused, some kind of explorer. I also think that I have participated in the creation of dimensions or universes. I do have issues with hierarchy because I don’t believe in it, and I have been partially traumatized by my authoritarian father; however, I think that in the spirit world I am part of a decision making counsel and I have gradually started feeling my other parts which are not necessarily directly connected with my human vehicle.

I have so many things to share which I have never shared with anyone before because they just couldn’t understand. I was connected up until 10 yrs old, but after that, not. The first time I connected in my adulthood with The Fabric is when I was 18 and tried ecstasy. I only had few drugs in my life, I was never fond of them because I was somewhat conscious about the need to keep my brain intact and in good order. I only liked smoking marijuana. When I did it was like a channel opened above me and I started downloading information and receiving guidance, however it is not clear to me what went through. Up until recently I thought it was the drug but now I know that my Crown Chakra opened up wide and I had a Nadir Experience as you describe, even though it was not clear enough and I did not have the understanding to bring clarity or translate what was going on.

Working with entheogens helped me realize gradually and slowly what is going on around me and opened the gates to the spirit world once and for all. It took me ages to start realizing how fearful I was to connect with the divine. Hollywood had its part. I still remember scenes from the movie exorcist which did serious damage to my psyche.

I started to have an interest in ascension by chance. It was after a peyote session in which I clearly saw/aligned with the meta-player (the spirit) moving/controlling my body from above as if my body was a puppet. After that, the synchronicities kept coming and I started bumping into information about ascension. Then it was the Lightning Path. I had already started to establish connection with The Fabric; however, it was only when I started studying the lightning path that everything started to become clear. For the first time in my life I was reading information that was accurate and fair, free of bullshit, and clean as a newborn baby. Finally, the feeling of being 100% in flow with what I was reading was there. And it was the first time that I could understand that, since I now had a benchmark. What I mean is that even though I have trusted and believed other information in the past, there was always a feeling that something is missing or something is not right. As you understand, I am also an educated person and input is one of my core skills. I absorb information like a sponge and I enjoy it, thus it is accurate when I say that at this point I have enough information to touch the ‘educated and informed person’ platform and speak from a point of view that is not easy to conquer. The information you are channeling is what we need if we want to move humanity forward, and the fact that you are conscious about this means I could only characterize the Lightning Path as God’s work in progress.

I was also exploited by The System. With all this education and operating in humongous multinational egoic based environments, it is Spirit’s work that I now am free to see the truth. I so much wish for as many humans as possible to reach this point and start living heaven on earth.

My spiritual development has been radically accelerated since I am studying the Lighting Path. Becoming conscious of the vehicle I have started guiding my energy centers and realizing day by day the depth of the damage and the association with each chakra. My mind has start gradually becoming free of old archetypes and after two months of studying, my clarity and CQ levels are reaching new highs. Best part is that the highs are starting to stabilize.

A few weeks ago I met my guides. I have seen them again few months ago through a breathing meditation which had me crying for an hour. I saw back then many many faces passing before my eyes. As they passed, they asked me to trust them. After following the channeling visualization in the Book of Magic I am now aware of my guides and I seek connection with them every time I feel clean enough to reach them. Through Theta healing I have had connection before but now knowing exactly what was going on it was a weak connection based more on faith than realization of the truth. Theta healing is a system which you might have heard. The exercises and teaching are quite accurate, however not all the truth is explained in the system. It helped me to kick off my connection to The Fabric, but without the Lightning Path a clear connection takes time and there are still old word energies found.

The last few weeks on the boat I have started to enhance my connection and gain additional clarity. However, I have to admit that I am becoming too sensitive to the environments and the energies around me. I am trying to conquer the boundary visualization so that I don’t absorb negative energy from those all around me. So even though I wish to speed up I have to adjust the speed or nadir experiences are around the corner. Already I had few of them in the last few days after sensing people around me thinking bad about me or becoming angry with me mainly because of my relaxed approach and clarity about things.

Spirit is starting slowly but steadily to become more obvious in my everyday reality. Even before I left Athens synchronicities were so obvious that it was impossible to miss them. I have started understanding how spirit works in some ways and I know I am still a baby and it is so beautiful to have this unlimited field to run with the spirit and learn and evolve and understand more. I am closing this now,  I will write again soon. Today I found a few hours of down time as it was a national day off in Greece so we had quiet time on the boat, but it is not easy to concentrate and find the mood to do anything else other than connect with the spirit in my quiet time. I am a warrior though I understood that through the Lightning Path and I am forever grateful to know you…. Thanks for asking me to share all these. I have more to write. The environment here is very energy absorbing and by the time I am at my cabin late at night I am completely drained to write or do anything else other than meditate. On the other hand I am trying to communicate as much as possible with my emotional support network to stay focused and strong while I’m here.

Thank you, thank you, thank you


27/03/2017 east Africa bay of guinea onboard MARAN GAS DELPHI


Written by MichaelSharp

Michael S. (Dr. S.) is a scientist, sociologist, author, mystic, and mystical poet whose interests are human psychology, human society, spirituality, consciousness, global pedagogy, and global transformation. He's busy writing about a dozen books all of which are aimed at enlightening the people and transforming the planet in line with the purpose, and for the benefit of, all. Visit his academic profile or his academia.com website, read some of his scholarly papers, view his video Money Moksha, and read his economically enlightening book, Rocket Scientists' Guide to Money and the Economy. .
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