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On this planet, we all endure what we at the Lightning Path call a Toxic Socialization process. This toxic socialization process damages our physical unit (our body and mind), causes extensive emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual trauma,  and undermines our ability to manifest our full human potential, and connect with our highest consciousness.

At the LP we feel that most healing modalities, built as they are on a materialist paradigm, are inadequate and insufficient, often functioning more as band-aid treatment then real healing solutions. We also believe if the individual is going to heal from the damage, they must take control of their own healing process.

Toxic Socialization


As a step towards shifting the paradigm and encouraging authentic healing. the LP offers the HEALING. framework. The HEALING framework is a framework that helps you, and therapeutic professionals helping you, conceptualize and map out the healing process. Withing the framework, healing involves getting help when you need it, establishing right environment so you have a safe place to heal, exploring and resolving addictions, and overcoming our socialized tendency to lie to ourselves about reality so we can engage in the necessary introspection that will help us protect ourselves, meet our needs, and put ourselves in growth mode so we can connect with our highest consciousness and reach our full human potential.


Getting started

  1. Start your healing process by exploring the LP HEALING framework.
  2. To add the sophisticated spirituality of the Lightning Path to your healing work, to build the foundations for healing, read the LP Workbooks below for basic LP concepts and ideas that will help you move in a healing direction.
  3. Continue your healing exploration with the articles and resources listed below the workbooks. The articles and resources listed below are intended to help you explore and understand your healing process, and to empower you to take the necessary healing steps. Sing up for website notifications to be notified when new articles appear on this site.
  4. If you need help, the Lightning Path can help you develop a Mindful Action Plan or HEALING MAP. The MAP is developed in a therapeutic and gives you concrete information and guidance on what you can do to improve your situation, and heal your body and mind.

Articles and Resources

Born to be good

Born to be good

Priests and some scientists tell us we are evil and savage inside. There is a Freudian Id, and Jungian shadow, a primitive cheap and “damn dirty ape.” But recent science shows that, contrary to ideology, humans are in fact born to be good. The problem is it is beaten out of us and suppressed.

Teen Suicide and Toxic Socialization

What causes physical, emotional, and mental illness? In a word, Toxic Socialization. The damage from toxic socialization is profound, and can range form "simply" psychology, to profound disconnection, to taking one's own life. In this article written for The...

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