In Lightning Path Workbook Two we speak of Learned Helpless (LH) and depression. In that workbook, we note that the inability to stop the chronic assault of Toxic Socialization can lead to various emotional/psychological adaptions, infections as we call them, which then get improperly diagnosed as “disorders” and “diseases.” Learned Helplessness, which is a symptom of depression, can be one of the results.

Learn Helplessness is a serious problem for all of us. The article included in this reading is written by a dentist who believes fear of the dental chair and “certain noncompliant behavior” observed in some of his dental patients may, in fact, be symptoms of LH. This reading is significant not only because it demonstrates the diffuse, long-term costs and consequences of childhood/adolescent trauma, but also because it contextualizes “Mental Disorders” and throws the cause of Psychotraumatic Infections like LH not onto genetics but onto early childhood/adolescent experiences where we feel they belong.

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