In the last unit, of this Lightning Path Workbook Two: Healing, we looked at the issue of help. There we emphasized that sometimes it may be necessary to get help. You should understand, getting help is not an indication of personal weakness, it is a reflection of how bad the damage can sometimes be. As we said in the last unit, if you think you need help, get help. If you do need help, look for healers who are competent and qualified to help you with your issues and look for red flags that warn you when the healer may be dealing with their own issues, and not in a position to help you with your own.

In this unit, we are going to look at the second plank in the LP HEALING framework which is environment, specifically, the need for a healthy non-toxic, non-violent, safe, clean, healing environments. We’ll just say this directly. If you are going to heal the trauma and damage done to you by Toxic Socialization, you are going to need to have an environment suitable for healing. This means you are going to need to dramatically reduce and eventually eliminate the amount of violence and toxicity in the environments of which you are a part.


Because, as we elaborate in more detail in the working paper “Toxic Socialization,”[1] toxic, violent, and neglectful environments, especially home environments where you are exposed to chronic physical, emotional, psychological, and even spiritual assault, cause profound psychological, emotional, and spiritual damage, and deep disconnection. To be perfectly clear, toxic environments damage and disconnect you. This you should already know, and if not, you need to know and accept this as a core truth because toxic environments also prevent you from healing and connecting. This is particularly important. You cannot heal if you live in a toxic environment. You cannot heal if you work in a toxic environment. You cannot heal if your social groupings are toxic. It simply does not work that way.

It is not rocket science. As any medical professional will tell you, if you want to heal a physical wound you must protect and treat the wound. If you cut your hand with a knife, if you shred your knee in a bike accident, to heal the wound you must protect and treat the wound. Why? Simple. To block bacteria from entering, to avoid additional trauma, and to provide the scaffolding and extra help that a wound may need to heal. If you don’t protect the wound from further assault, if you don’t clean and treat the wound (bandages, stitches, antiseptics, etc.) to give it a proper scaffolding, the wound will not heal. If you poke at your cut with a stick, if you jump into a dirty pool with a bunch of open wounds, or if you live in a home space that is filthy and full of bacteria, your physical wounds will never heal. In fact, if you do any of these things, your wounds will get worse. It is as simple and straightforward as that. If you want to heal your physical wounds you must provide a healthy, clean, and safe environment so you can protect and treat the wound.

When it comes to physical wounds, this is an absolute no-brainer. If you gash your leg in a bike accident and just get back up and start riding your bike again, your injury will not heal, and it may get even worse. Similarly, if you break an arm by falling off a ladder while roofing your home and just get back up on the ladder without seeing a doctor, your injury will never heal. If you want to heal a physical wound, the first thing you must do is take steps to protect and treat the wound.

Unfortunately, while this is an obvious no-brainer for physical wounds, the necessity of protecting wounds is not so obvious when it comes to the emotional, psychological, behavioural, and spiritual damage that is caused by toxic socialization. If somebody calls you a name, if somebody assaults your self-esteem, if a parent spanks you and makes you feel small and powerless, you are not always aware of the damage that is done, or the need to treat and protect the psychic wound, in the same way you are aware of the need to protect a physical wound. Consequently, you often engage in activities and put yourselves in situations where you re-traumatize the wound, or even make it worse. It is like breaking your arm, suppressing pain and awareness of the injury, and going about life as if nothing had happened. It’s the dumbest [email protected]#!ing thing you can do.

Why are we not aware of the need to treat psychic wounds? Why do we go about retraumatizing ourselves, our children, our families, and friends over and over again, instead of healing our wounds?

Reason one for this is because we can’t see psychic wounds like we see physical wounds. Beyond tears and a sad face, there is no immediate physical evidence for even debilitating psychic wounds.[2]

Reason two is that we are told that we should “get over it” and even embrace future assault because the psychic trauma “build character” and “make us stronger.”[3]

Reason three as we’ll see as we travel forward on this path is that we are all embedded in what we call Old Energy Ideologies and belief systems that encourage the violence.

Reason four is that our psychologies, as yet, remain primitive, superstitious, and embedded in the ideologies which encourage violence and trauma.

Whatever the reasons we do it doesn’t matter. Failure to protect and treat our psychic wounds, and constant re-exposure to toxicity and psychic violence, is a hyper-toxic dynamic that is certain to disconnect you and (if never properly treated) damage you for life.

It is bizarre when you think about it. We experience serious psychic wounding and instead of protecting the wound, we expose it to further assault. It doesn’t matter how serious the psychic wound is; as individuals, as a society, as a planet, we rarely take steps to protect the psychic wounds. Instead, we tell ourselves it is OK and expose our wounds and the wounds of others to ongoing chronic assault, thereby making things worse.

This hyper-toxic dynamic where we don’t recognize our psychic wounds and go about and do things that make them worse is most obvious in families of parents with adolescents and children, which is where most of the assault we experience in our early days happens. Parents assault (spank, yell at, belittle, shame, etc.) their children not because they are bad parents but because they don’t understand the severity of the wounds they are causing, because that’s how their parents dealt with them, and because they are dealing with psychic trauma damage themselves. They spank their children because they believe it controls their behaviour. They emotionally assault adolescents because they think it keeps them in line. They are filled with anger and rage themselves because of past trauma, toxic work environments, etc., and they take it out on the weakest members of the family unit. Regardless of how it happens, it happens all the time. Children and adolescents are wounded; the wounds are not recognized and treated, the children are repeatedly traumatized, and the wounds get worse and worse as they grow. They succumb to their wounds, “settle in,” and the cycle repeats itself.

Protecting Your Wounds by Establishing Right Environment

Obviously, if you want to stay mentally and emotionally healthy, and if you want to heal psychic wounds you currently suffer from, enabling this toxic dynamic won’t work. Just as you need to protect and treat your physical wounds from ongoing assault so they can heal, you also need to protect your psychological wounds from further assault, and you need to treat these wounds with the same care and attention you would pay to a physical wound. If you don’t, if you are emotionally or psychologically wounded but expose yourself to ongoing assault, your wounds will never heal, and you’ll eventually harden and die. This should be no great psychological or spiritual revelation. Really, it is only common sense. If you don’t protect your psychic and emotional wounds from further assault, and if you don’t treat them, then just like dipping an open, bloody wound into a dirty cesspool of water, or getting back on a bike even against your doctors’ advice to stay safe until your broken bones heal, your wounds will never heal. It won’t matter how many times a week you see your expensive and “knowledgeable” therapist; if you are going back to a toxic environment at home or at work you will never, ever heal.

So, what are you going to do?

The easiest and fastest way to protect your wounds from further harm so that they can properly heal, and, equally as important, to ensure no new wounds are created, is to establish what we call Right Environment. As explained in more detail in the article “The LP Alignment Rule Set,”[4] right environment is a clean, non-toxic environment that supports and makes healing and reconnection possible. As regards healing, a right environment is a calm and ordered environment, free from all forms of violence, toxicity, and abuse.

Right environment is an environment where we are safe, nurtured, and fully respected for the Divine beings that we are.

Establishing right environment both inside and outside the home is of critical importance for healing not only yourself, but the entire planet.[5] To establish right environment, to create environments where wounds are protected and can heal, do the following:

  • detoxify your home environments so you are not exposed to toxicity behaviours (violence, aggression, etc.) and toxic thought at home.
  • stay away from/get out of other toxic environments that might infect you.
  • get away from toxic people who expose you to toxic thoughts and additional harm, and

To help shift your realities towards right environment, we recommend a total commitment to non-violence in your life. Non-violence means that no violence is allowed. In a non-violent environment, there is no yelling, no name calling, no emotional assault, no physical violence, and no aggression of any kind. Committing to non-violence provides an easy to understand, rock solid foundation upon which to build healthy environments where healing can occur.

Of course, if you think about it, establishing right environment at home, at work, and in your friendship groups, even staying away from toxic people so you can clean your wounds and heal, can be quite challenging, not only because none of us have absolute control over all our environments (unless we live alone, in which case we have control of our home environment), but also because there are a lot of unwell people around us. We would have to say that many (perhaps most) of our domestic, work, and social environments are toxic to one extent or another. In many (perhaps most) of our environments, even asserting the desire to establish right environment can be met with hostility and ridicule. As we’ll see in our section on ideology, we’re all trained to believe that violence is, at one level or another, OK, even salutatory. We are taught that adversity and stress “build character,” that we need to “fight” to become tough, and so we expose ourselves to, tolerate, and sometimes even encourage various forms of abuse and assault. Even physical assault on defenceless children, euphemized as “spanking,” is still tolerated by most parents,[6] even though it lowers IQ[7] and causes other serious damage.

Because there is still a general belief on this planet that forms of emotional, psychological, and spiritual violence are OK, it is not always possible to totally stay away from toxic environments and toxic/violent people, simply because there are so many of them. However, you should at least create a healthy space in your home environment where you can protect and clean your wound. Ideally, your entire home should be a safe and non-toxic space, but if all you can do is create a one-room cocoon, that’s fine too. If you can’t even do that, if you can’t even create a safe one-room cocoon, you may need to terminate relationships and/or seek professional help.

Environmental Assessments

For your assistance, the LP provides several online instruments that you can use to assess the extent to which your environments are detoxified right environments.

The “How Toxic is My World?” instrument can give you an indication of how toxic your childhood, adolescent, current domestic, social, and even work environments are. You can use the survey to assess your childhood, home, work, school, and social environments. The survey gives you a Toxicity Score for each of these environments. To move towards right environment, work to lower your toxicity score.

The “How Violent Am I?” instrument can give you an indication of the ways you contribute to the toxicity in your environments. Obviously, if you are going to work towards right environment, you will have to address your own toxic and negative behaviours.

Finally, the “How Chaotic is my World?” can give you an indication of how chaotic your home environment is, and some hints on what to do to work towards calm and safe environment.

You can access all these instruments by visiting

Environment Assessments

Note, if these assessments trigger guilt and shame because you find you have been engaged in acts of toxicity, take a deep breath, relax, and face the truth they reveal. Work through the guilt and shame not by suppressing it, because that will cause illness eventually, but by acknowledging it exists, determining the source, and changing your behaviours so there is no more guilt and shame. As noted in the book The Great Awakening: Concepts and Techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice, guilt and shame are Steering Emotions[8] that help you identify when your behaviour is out of alignment with your own higher Self. Guilt and shame are sourced in unaligned behaviour, which is behaviour that harms others.[9] Relief from guilt and shame only comes when you face the truth of your behaviours and change your behaviour (i.e., steer your actions) to be more in alignment with your own Highest Self.

As for the truth of your behaviour, the truth is, we all experience toxicity and we all contribute to the toxicity in one way or another. Because of ignorance, psychological trauma, and profound disconnection, we have all harmed other living beings. Consequently, we must all acknowledge this so that we can change our behaviours and clear guilt and shame. Anybody that tells you differently is lying either because their guilt and shame are too overwhelming, or because they are seeking power over you. Remember, life is not a contest to see who the winner is and these assessments are not intended to show you how much of a “loser” you are. They are intended simply to help you improve and align your behaviour so you can work towards the establishment of right environment, so you can properly heal and connect. That is all. If you experience overwhelming guilt and shame, take a deep breath, acknowledge, relax, and begin changing your behaviour.

We’ll talk more about the challenges of establishing right environment as we progress through the LP corpus, particularly when we discuss the LP Connection Framework in Workbook Three, so we won’t say anything more here. For now, do what you can. Commit to non-violence in all areas of your life and begin creating right environment. Start at home and work out from there.

Treat and Heal the Wound

Creating a right environment where your psychic wounds are protected is only the first step in healing. Once you have taken steps to protect the wound, your next step is to treat the wound so it can heal.

How do you treat a psychic wound? The same way you treat a physical wound. First, you clean and disinfect the wound to prevent infection. Then, you treat the wound.

As for cleaning and disinfecting the wound, the need for this should be obvious. If you cut your hand open while whittling a figurine, the first thing you do is clean the wound to get any dirt out so it doesn’t get infected. That’s no-brainer. Everybody past the age of ten knows how to clean and disinfect a physical wound. A clean cloth, clean water, and a disinfecting solution (soap, etc.), are what you do to disinfect a physical wound.

It is the same with psychic emotional, psychological, or spiritual wounds. If you receive some kind of psychic injury, you have to clean and disinfect the wound. To clean a physical wound, you get rid of physical dirt and grime, and disinfect to kill any lingering bacteria. To clean and disinfect a psychic wound, you get rid of psychic (i.e., emotional, psychological, and spiritual) dirt and grime in the wound, and you disinfect the wound to kill any lingering psychic bacteria. The only difference is that in the case of physical wounds you are dealing with physical dirt and bacteria while in the case of psychic wounds you are dealing with mental/emotional/spiritual dirt and bacteria, or what we like to call Wrong Thought,[10] or Toxic Thought, if you prefer.

What is wrong thought/toxic thought? Simply defined, wrong thought is dirty and infectious thought-grime that undermines and prevents healing and connection, and causes psychic infections. Wrong thought is thought that diminishes you and makes you feel unworthy, impotent, and “less than.” Wrong thoughts include thoughts like “I’m stupid,” “I’m a loser,” “I’m a sinner,” “I’m weak,” “I’m not worthy,” “I’m being punished for my sins,” “It’s my bad karma,” and so on. Toxic thought makes you feel powerless. Toxic thought makes you feel weak and impotent, and makes you think you deserve bad things in your life because you deserve it, or because it is some kind of “life lesson.”

For your information, toxic thoughts are inserted into your mental and emotional systems like bacteria is inserted into your physical systems. Insertion of toxic thought happens “accidentally” when you are psychically  assaulted and exposed to negative environments, and it happens intentionally when people (parents, friends, teachers, coworkers, etc.) call you names, make you feel stupid, make you feel “less than,” make you feel unworthy (i.e. you are a dirty sinner, you are a dirty ape, etc.), and teach you archetypes and ideologies that diminish you, make you feel small, or make you feel like you deserve to be punished.

We will talk more about ideologies and how they infect your psychic wounds in the unit “I” is for Ideology later in this workbook and again in more detail in LP Workbook Four: Archetypes, where we look at cleaning out all the negative and infections Old Energy Archetypes which pollute the psychic-sphere of this world. For now, the question is, how do you disinfect and clean psychic wounds of the bacterial infection of toxic/wrong thought?

To be honest, that’s a complicated topic not only because a) there is a lot of toxic thought still floating around, but also because b) we are exposed to chronic psychic assault, and inundated with toxic ideological grime, from the moment we are born, and c) during that period, and for reasons already noted, the wounds caused by the assault and early infection are almost never properly treated.[11]

When you combine the facts that a) there is a lot of toxic thought floating around, b) we are exposed to chronic psychic assault, and c) our wounds are never treated properly, you can see why disinfecting and cleaning our psychic wounds can be such a challenge. It can be like trying to treat a leg wound that has become gangrenous because of lack of treatment. By the time you get to the point where you actually look at the wound, it’s a festering, gunky, mess of chronic, long-term infection. Fortunately, unlike a gangrenous wound which must be amputated, you don’t have to amputate gangrenous psychic wounds; nevertheless, treatment is a challenge.

So, what do you do?

You can start the disinfection process yourself by reading up on things like cognitive behavioural therapy and linguistic “reprogramming,” or by simply using an Affirmation of Self[12] to help clean out the wound. An Affirmation of Self (AOS) is an affirmation of the power, light, and divinity of your own Highest Self. An AOS is like a disinfectant wipe you use to clean out dirt and grime from your psychic wounds. An AOS should be something simple to repeat like

I am powerful. I am healthy. I am beautiful. I am strong.
I am worthy. I am connected. I am beautiful. I am strong.

Using an AOS can be helpful to treat and disinfect daily wounds you receive. For example, if somebody at work calls and engages in passive-aggressive assault, or even direct assault like calling you a “stupid bitch,” do not engage in the toxicity. Do what you need to do to stop the assault (speak with HR, speak with the person, avoid the person, etc.) and go home later and do the AOS, ideally, on a long nature walks, while meditating quietly with music and candles, or in a hot bath with a relaxing glass of chamomile tea.

An AOS can also help you deal with chronic psychic infection and even gangrenous psychic infections arising from what we call a PSST (or psycho-social-spiritual trauma). A PSST infection occurs in the same way as a physical infection occurs. When you aren’t aware of a wound, if you do not protect your wounds, if you do not clean your wounds, and if you do not treat your wounds, your wounds (physical or psychic) will become infected. In the case of psychic wounds, you develop PSST infections. If psychic wounds go untreated for extended periods of time, and in particular if the wounds are constantly retraumatized, Psychic Sepsis may be the result.

How do you know if your wounds are infected or have become septic? If you are filled with anxiety, negativity, and depression, if you are pissed off and angry all the time, if you are filled with hatred, if you are compulsive, addicted, or worse, you are likely dealing with some kind of PSST infection. You can also tell if you have a PSST infection if you are easily triggered by things.

Triggering as a Sign of Infection and Psychic Sepsis

What is triggering? Triggering is what happens when you “go off” on somebody. Think of being triggered like the emotional reaction that would happen if you gashed your leg open in a biking accident and some insensitive individual was callously, and without medical skill, poking around in the wound. If this happens, if a sibling pokes your physical wound with a finger, for example, you would cry or get mad. You would be “triggered” because the wound is not healed and the poking causes pain and makes the injury worse. If the wound was healed, somebody poking at it would only cause annoyance.[13]

Just as poking around in a physical wound will cause your body to trigger a defensive response, so too will it trigger a defensive response when somebody pokes around in a psychic wound that is not healed. When someone callously, and without emotional, psychological, or spiritual skill, either intentionally or unintentionally pokes a psychic wound, [14] you will get sad, upset, anxious, angry, etc., because the poking causes pain and makes the injury worse. As with a physical wound, the triggering is a defensive reaction designed to protect a wound that is unhealed. As with a physical wound, the triggering is an autonomic emotional response and something you have minimal control over. If you are triggered easily, it is because your psychic wound(s) are not healed; if your psychic wounds are not healed, you need additional protection and treatment.

Note, we all have different triggers, depending on our injuries. You are not going to be triggered if somebody pokes you in an arm that is not injured. However, if your arm is broken, that is a different story. If someone pokes at a broken arm, a defensive response will be triggered. Similarly, if your self-esteem and self-worth are intact, a jab or joke now and then isn’t going to bother you. However, if your self-esteem is decimated because of childhood assault and trauma (i.e. toxic socialization), that’s a different story. If you are traumatized by toxic socialization, especially if you have experienced a lot of verbal assault (name calling, belittling, passive-aggressive jibes, etc.), you will be hypersensitive to words and the meaning behind them. If the wounds are bad, even the intimation of verbal assault will trigger you.

Just as we all have different triggers, it is important to note, we all respond to the triggers differently, depending on what you have tried, and depending on what has worked in the past. If you receive a physical gash in your leg and somebody callously pokes around in it, at first you are likely to reflexively withdraw, cry, whine, or do something similar in an attempt to elicit compassion and get away from the jab. If that works, that response will be reinforced and you will do that again in the future. However, if crying and reflexive withdrawal does not stop the poking, you will escalate and intensify. If an individual keeps poking at your wound, and if crying does not work to stop the assault, your response will escalate and you might get angry and aggressive in an effort to shove the individual away. If that works, the response will be reinforced and in the future, you’ll skip over the crying and jump right to anger and aggression. Over the long term, if you experience chronic assault, if people are always poking at your wound, the wound will become infected. As noted above, you will know you are infected because you are easily triggered. If you do find yourself easily triggered by certain things, it is probably because you have a PSST infection.

How do you treat a PSST infection? That’s a complicated topic that involves a fair amount of challenging and often painful social, emotional, and psychological work, like detoxifying your environment, learning to be truthful with yourself, learning to recognize ideology, learning to get your needs satisfied, and so on. We’ll be dealing with all these things, and more, moving forward. All we will say now regarding treatment is that in addition to making sure you detoxify your environment and relationships, you will also have to spend some time finding the wound. Obviously, you can’t heal a wound and treat an infection if you don’t know where the wound is. You have to find the wound so you can treat it properly. This is easy when it comes to physical wounds, but not so easy when it comes to psychic ones, particularly since a) there is no immediate physical correlate of psycho-emotional wounds and b) the wound may have occurred years, even decades ago, perhaps even when you were a small child and c) you may be repressing awareness of the wound for various different reasons. In cases where the wound is shrouded in the mists of time and self-repression, it may be a challenge to uncover the wound, but you must do it. You cannot heal a wound properly if you do not know what its source is.

As noted, we will talk more about healing PSST infections as we progress through the LP corpus. For now, understand that you will find clues to the source of your wound by paying attention to who and what you are getting triggered by. Are you getting triggered by females? Are you hypersensitive to words and name-calling? Does sexism rock your boat? The things that trigger emotional responses are the things you should be focussing on.

Moment of Reflection: spend a few moments thinking about what triggers you. Do certain actions trigger you? Do certain thoughts trigger you? Do certain people (or “types” of people) trigger you? Write down your triggers in your HC Journal and, on your own or with a therapist, try and trace these triggers back to your wounds.

So far in this workbook, we have discussed getting help, detoxifying your world, establishing right environment, and cleaning and treating psychic wounds as necessary steps in the healing process. To treat psychic wounds, do exactly what you would do with physical wounds. clean the wound, protect the wound, treat the wound. Do this by detoxifying environment to make sure wound not continually assaulted, by using disinfectant salves like an AOS.

Of course, as noted, sometimes, because of lack of awareness and lack of treatment, your psychic wounds get infected, or become septic. As we’ve noted, cleaning and treating infected or septic psychic wounds can be a challenge. We’ll talk more about cleaning, disinfecting, and treating your infected and septic psychic wounds moving forward in this, and subsequent, LP Worbooks. We’ll start this discussion in the next unit when we look at one of the more serious examples of psychic sepsis, addiction.

Study Questions

  1. How do you detoxify your environment? What is right environment? How do you establish right environment? What are some of the challenges you personally might face when trying to detoxify your environment?
  2. Why do psychic wounds become infected? What do we call a psychological, emotional, or spiritual wound that has become infected? What can you do to prevent psychic wounds from becoming infected?
  3. What is an Affirmation of Self? What sorts of wounds and PSST Infections is it intended to clean/cure. What is an Affirmation of Compassion? What sorts of wounds is it intended to clean/cure. Think of your own PSST Infections. Can you think of an affirmation that might help you clean the wound? Write your affirmation down in your HC Journal, and share on the forums if you wish.


[1] See, also Sosteric, “Toxic Socialization.”

[2] There is evidence, of course. Serious psychic wounds eventually lead to psychic infections, physical illness, and general ugliness. The ugliness of septic infection and the physical consequences, therefore, can take decades to manifest, however. By the time that happens, it is very difficult to make the connect to the psychic trauma that caused it.

[3] When I was a child and an adult hurt my feelings, they didn’t care. I was just expected to put up and shut up. If I said anything, I was often assaulted even worse. Nobody, not my mom, not my teachers, not my friends, not even so-called mental health professionals, ever treated my wounds properly. And we know it is the same for the vast majority of people. Almost everybody on this planet experiences chronic psychic assault, and very few people are treated properly for it.


[5] And reconnection, we might add.

[6] Scott Clement, “Millennials Like to Spank Their Kids Just as Much as Their Parents Did,” Washington Post 2015.

[7] Paul Taylor, “Spanking Lowers Iq: Study,” The Globe and Mail 2018.


[9] We’ll learn more about alignment in LP Workbook Three: Connection.


[11] This situation is absurd, when you think about it. If your child fell and gashed its leg open and instead of treating the wound properly you threw dirt in it and poked it with a stick, you’d be charged with child abuse. However, that’s exactly what most people do when it comes to psychic wounds. They either don’t see them, pretend they aren’t there, poke them with sticks, and continue to throw dirt into them until they become festering, fetid piles of putrid psychic puss.


[13] When triggered, you always need to ask yourself if the person who triggered you is a) doing it on purpose or b) doing it because they are unaware and simply don’t know any better. If the person who triggers you is doing it on purpose, remove them from your life. If they are doing it because they are unaware, do not return their insensitivity with assault. Instead, find ways to communicate with and educate, them. Educate them about the deleterious consequences of toxic socialization and assault, and communicate to them how their actions are insulting the wounds and causing you more pain.

[14] You should know, “triggering” is an autonomic bodily response that occurs in an effort you to protect your wound. If you gash your leg and somebody pokes it, your bodily will engage a response. They poke your wound, you start to cry at the additional pain hoping this will elicit sensitivity and compassion. If this doesn’t work, if they callously keep poking in the wound, your “trigger” will escalate. You will get angry and push them away. “Triggering” is an autonomic defensive reaction that occurs when your body is worried that a wound that is not healed and still painful is under immediate threat. Note, triggering only occurs when the wound is not healed. If the wound was completely healed, you would not be so easily triggered by a poke.

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