Gina, co-founder of the LP, is a first nations indigenous women of Sioux ancestry. In order to understand the healing process, some indigenous people use the medicine wheel to focus attention on various aspects of the healing and life process. As Christine Miskonoodinkewe Smith notes

The Medicine Wheel teaches us that we have four aspects to ourselves: the physical, the mental, the emotional, and the spiritual. Each must be in balance and equally developed in order for us to remain healthy, happy individuals. According to the book “The Sacred Tree,” written by Phil Lane, Jr, Judie Bopp, Michael Bopp, Lee Brown and Elders “there are many different ways that this basic concept is expressed: the four grandfathers, the four winds, the four cardinal directions, and many other relationships that can be expressed in sets of four,” and “the medicine wheel can be used to help us see or understand things we can’t quite see or understand because they are ideas and not physical objects.”

The Lightning Path offers its own medicine wheel, which you can use to understand the nature of human health, and the healing, connection, and growth process.

The Four Corners

This wheel shows that in order to be healthy, happy, whole and connected, we must heal and nurture the four corners of our being, the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual.

Spheres of our Reality

In addition to focussing attention on four aspects of our being, the LP Medicine Wheel also focusses attention on the self, family, public spheres, community, civic, national, and planetary circles of being. This is to show that healing and healthy human development is not just an individual process, it involves all aspects of our reality, from our home life through our work life to our planetary environments. We cannot be healthy and whole, we cannot grow and develop, while any of these aspects of our life are out of balance, toxic, or sick.  If our family is sick and damaged, we will have no safe places to heal, and no support in our healing journey. If public life and our communities are toxic, we will incur ongoing damage, and we will struggle to ground and heal. If our nations are sick, people may be enslaved to their jobs, children may go hungry, people may grow angry and die, and the rich may run away with the goods. If our economy is sick, our planet suffers and dies as a result.

What’s it all mean?

The LP Medicine Wheel is designed to help you focus your attention on the multidimensional nature of your being, and the interconnected nature of our realities.

To be healthy we must have physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health, at all levels of our reality.  No person can claim to be totally healthy while they exist in a family, a public sphere, a community, a city, a nation, and on a planet that is not healthy as well. Each of these spheres interpenetrates and impacts the other. Denial of the interpenetration doesn’t make this not so.

To get healthy, to heal the damage caused by Toxic Socialization, we must have healthy, nurturing, and safe environments at all levels. To get healthy, we must also work at each of the levels and quadrants. To get healthy, heal your family, your community, your society, your nation, and this planet.


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