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There is a lot of confusion, not to mention anger, hatred, and violence, in the world today. Despite our best efforts, and to our growing collective surprise, things don’t seem to be getting much better at all. An ineffective bandage here and there seems like the only thing we’re able to do.

It is possible to clear confusion, anger, hatred, and end violence, and create a better world for ourselves and those that surround us. The first step forward is getting some clarity about things. If you want to understand your world, and if you want to make a difference, you need to be clear. You need to be clear about human economics. You need to be clear about human psychology. You need to be clear about human spirituality. You need to be clear about the human condition.

The LP aspires to provide that clarity. Grounded in a combination of personal healing and exploration, developed with the assistance of modern neuroscience, psychology, and sociology, and elevated by authentic spiritual connection, the LP helps you see the truth for yourself, not by preaching and teaching from a pulpit, but, by helping you awaken the bright light within so you can achieve clarity for yourself.

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