When you’ve had enough of the suffering, the LP helps you transform

I am head over heals in love with the LP Material! I am in shock and awe at times over the power that lies within this material to transform our lives. I believe in the Lightening Path! The difference it has made in my life is incredible! Its not so much that my outer world has changed, its the changes that are happening within me! Brenda. Reality is, the world as it currently exists sucks. Hollywood and other forms of social media varnish our view and leave us with illusory visions of happiness and wealth, but reality on this planet is going worse all the time. The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting screwed, the weather is getting worse, and the suffering masses, in an attempt to flee from deserts, floods, violence, and woe,  are starting to move. It is just going to get worse over time.

Using tales of good versus evil, we are deluded into believing that the violence and destruction that surrounds us is acceptable. It is part of the apocalypse. It is part of the plan. But the truth is, this is not part of the plan at all. The horrific suffering, the violence and abuse, the racism and sexism, the economic exploitation, the assault on the mind, and the hatred that keeps it all going, is not acceptable, to God, to science, or to anybody, really, If we don’t stop it all now, it is going to destroy the planet. Things have to change, and they have to change now.

The Lightning PathTM gives you the tools and the guidance you need in order to end the suffering, awaken to the truth, and transform your life, and this world. Starting with basic human and spiritual truths about who we are, why we are here, and “what’s it all for,” the LP takes us from impotent and disempowered spiritual reject, violent and aggressive ape, to transformed and empowered being of light. Leaving behind the taught impotence of The System, you become creator of your own life space.

And it doesn’t stop there. The Lightning Path identifies the oppressive social and political systems that dominate the planet and keep us disempowered (Sharp, 2016), gives you the tools you need to dismantle the System in your own Consciousness, and encourages global unity by eliminating the spiritual, philosophical, and scientific basis for religious, political, ethnic, and gender division. The Lightning Path pushes for global unity, transformation and the realization of global utopia.

There’s nothing on Earth quite like The Lightning Path

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Sharp M. (2016) The Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy: Accumulation and Debt., St Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press.

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