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My entire life has change, balanced, clarified, and become joyous and powerful…I  can not reiterate enough the value of the comprehensive nature of the Lightning Path, the Spirit Wiki… and the personal mentorship as the most effective tools for clearing and healing. With the archetypes and notions of “the system” removed or on there way out of my life I no longer suffer from depression, low self worth, of a lack of creative manifestation ability. Jeremy.Reality is, on this planet, we all experience and participate in emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical violence. From the screaming, yelling, and hitting we experience from our parents as kids, to the sexual assault experienced by women and men, to passive aggressive attacks from people who claim to support us, to emotional violence and actual physical assault, the violence is ubiquitous and the hurt is copious. It begins at birth and usually doesn’t end until we are dead. This violence, which is part of what we on the Lightning PathTM call Toxic Socialization, damages us, makes us sick, lowers our human potential, and disconnects us from our highest possible Self.

Modern science is increasingly revealing the range and depth of the damage done, and it is incalculable. On a personal level, it destroys our lives. We develop eating disorders (Burns et al., 2012), PTSD, depression  borderline personality disorders, and suicidal and self-injuring behavior. Toxic socialization impairs our growth (Johnson and Gunnar, 2011) and even causes physical illness like heart disease. It makes it harder for us to do well in school, harder for us to perform on the job, and harder for us to maintain a marriage and healthy family (DiLillo et al., 2007). Our marriages break apart and our kids grow up more messed up than us. The list of negative consequences goes on, and on, and on.[1] And it doesn’t get better as the generations pass. In fact, it gets continually worse. Those who have been abused are three times more likely to go on and abuse than those that have not. Each new generation, more and more of us abuse, and more and more of us are victims. The damage costs the planet trillions in lost productivity and medical costs. In United States alone researchers estimate that ½ a billion dollars a year is lost in productivity reductions and medical costs (Fang et al., 2012). And that is almost certainly a gross underestimate. Clearly, this World has a problem.

Traditional therapists, and traditional therapies are not set up to find solutions. Traditional therapies are grounded in faulty conceptualizations of human nature and human  purpose, and traditional therapists struggle with their own damage and disrepair. In order to face reality and move forward, we need new theories of human nature and new ways of approaching and healing the damage.

The Lightning Path (or just The Path for short) provides new theories and new perspectives that can help us understand the full extent of our personal and collective damage so that we can all heal and repair, ourselves first, and (if we are professional healers) those around us later on. The Lightning Path perspective emulsifies spirituality and science into a revolutionary perspective on human nature, and a powerful framework for personal and global healing.

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[1] For a summary of the damage done, see the article Toxic Socialization, https://www.sociology.org/toxic-socialization/

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