At this point, we have discussed five focus points on the LP Connection Framework, awakening, accountability, atonement, alignment, and activation. As noted already, these points do not represent a linear connection sequence. You can work on each focus as you feel drawn to it. If you feel you need to awaken a bit, do that. If you have some atonement to do, do that. If your life is out of alignment, make adjustments as necessary. If you feel empowered to change something, do that. Throughout this process, follow your gut. Do what feels right when it feels right to do it, and you will make progress forward. With that said, in this unit we are going to complete our rundown of the LP Connection Framework by looking at the final focus point, ascension. The question before us now is, what is ascension?

At its most basic level, which is the level we will be concerned with in this workbook, ascension is just another word for connection. More specifically, ascension is what tends to happen when your bodily ego and spiritual ego connect. When that happens, when you make a connection, your bodily ego “ascends” to meet the spiritual ego, at which point it has some sort of verbal or visual conversation with the Highest Self. When the connection experience is complete, the bodily ego then “descends” back down into normal consciousness, and takes some time to process and integrate what it learned during connection.

When you ascend, your bodily ego rises above the delusion, illusion, maya, misalignment, and disjuncture of your normal, disconnected existence and connects with, merges with, unites with1 your own higher Consciousness2 for a short period of time. While there, it experiences “light” and truth.

This is not a real “ascent” of course. Your body does not float up to meet some angels. What is really happen is you are engaging in a form of information exchange. Your connection has opened up a “channel,” so to speak. However, unless your connection experience is a [wikiNadir Experience[/wiki],3 in which case it can feel like you are descending into fire, it does often feel like an ascent, like you are rising up to meet something bigger, more powerful, and more grand than your normal life and little self. This feeling up being uplifted is why the word ascension is used so often in the spiritual literature of the planet to describe the events and feelings of connection. It is also why ascent is a common theme is mystical spiritual paintings.

Note that sometimes the concept of descent is used here as well, as in higher Consciousness descends into the vessel and connects with the bodily ego. In the Kabbalah, this process is conceived of as a “Descent to the Chariot,”4 or in LP terms, descent into the vessel. In Christian terminology, this is the descent of the Holy Spirit.5 When we think of the process of connection as a descent, the process becomes “filling the vessel” with the water of Consciousness, as portrayed in LP Water Glass Metaphor.

It does not matter how you look at it, either as ascent of the bodily ego into “heaven,” (i.e. high connection) or descent of spiritual ego into body (i.e. descent into the vessel). Either way, the same process of connection between spiritual ego and bodily ego is being referred to. When we make a connection, we unit with spiritual ego and have an experience of some sort.

So, how do you achieve ascension? How do you initiate connection? How do you fill the vessel with consciousness? How do you achieve union? It is just like anything really. First, prepare. Second, intend. Third, practice daily in structured and safe environments. We will look at each of these in turn, starting with the need to prepare.


As for preparation, preparation means getting your body/mind, your physical unit, ready to initiate, connect, and handle the the Flow of higher consciousness. The easiest way to prepare is to follow a spiritual path that provides authentic healing and connection guidance.

Healing and appropriate healing guidance is important because, as you should know by now, the bodily ego and the physical unit takes a lot of damage from the toxic socialization process we all endure. A healthy bodily ego, a strong and secure bodily ego, is necessary if you want to handle highest Consciousness. The LP provides the LP HEALING Framework so you can heal yourself. You can find this HEALING Framework in Lightning Path Workbook Two: Healing. If you have not already read through that and applied the advice, we recommend you do that right now.

In addition to healing guidance, connection guidance is important as well, not only because you need to learn how to connect, but also because there are a lot of issues to think about and a lot of challenges to overcome when it comes to reconnecting and handling with your Highest Self. It is an understatement to say that connection can be a challenge. There are a lot of things to learn and lot of things to do to prepare if you are going to get the most out of your connection experiences. The good news is, if you are reading these words, then you have been following the Lightning Path Connection Framework, which is the framework provided in this workbook. The LP Connection Framework provides connection advance and guidance to help you make strong, healthy, and positive connection. If you have been following the LP and reading this workbook, you are properly preparing for your connection and union with your Highest Self.

This workbook, in general, focuses you on the things you need to consider if you are are going to properly prepare and have successful connection experiences. This unit, in particular, looks at specific things like structure and disciplined practice, and techniques for unblocking, purifying, and handling the Flow. Understand however that this workbook is just the start. At this point, we are as yet only providing preliminary grounding, orientation, and preparatory information. The real spiritual practice is yet to come.


As noted above, preparation is not the only thing you need to do if you want to initiate and handle connection. As with all things in life, you also have to intend your way forward. As noted in the SpiritWiki entry on intent,6 intent is a common spiritual practice. Most spiritual practice comes with advice on intent, though often it is couched in “mysterious” trappings, and sometimes not recognized as such. To be as grounded and clear as possible; if you want to ascend and connect with your Highest Self, you have to intend that connection.

To help focus your intent, use a Connection Affirmation,7 something like…

  • I wish to connect with my own Highest Self or
  • I wish to connect and seek guidance and wisdom from my spirit guides/ancestors.

…would work just fine.

To solidify and amplify your intent, you can also use a Connection Visualization.8 A connection visualization is a visualization that reinforces a psychological and emotional desire for connection.

One example of a connection visualization is the official LP Great Invocation. The Great Invocation (GI)9 is a connection visualization that you can use to help turbocharge your connection practice.

As noted, the GI is the official Lightning Path connection visualization. Other visualizations are possible. For example, you can also use the following to initiate and affirm your desire to connect.

Visualize the consciousness of your body as a small ball of light rising up and leaving your body through the top of your head. Visualize this consciousness ascending up into a clear blue sky. Visualize a door high above. Visualize your consciousness rising up to that door. When you get there, open the door and

For best results, repeat the above visualizations many times throughout your day.

Connection affirmations and visualizations are important because they help signal intent and they help steer the process. It is like if you are building a piece of furniture, like a bookcase. If you want to build a bookcase, you do not just cut wood randomly and without some kind of plan. If you did that, you could end up with a bookcase catastrophe. When you go to build a bookcase, you have an idea in your mind about what you want the table to look like. Better yet, you might even have a visual plan, a blueprint, to go by. It is the same with building a connection. Connection affirmations and visualizations are your idea of what you want to happen as you initiate and strengthen your connection. Doing one can help make sure that your connection practice moves forward smoothly, and that it does not end up in a catastrophic, even pathological, mess.


Once you have done some preparation and set some intent, your third step is to actually connect so you can practice handling that connection. A connection affirmation and connection visualization does help with the connection process, up to a point; however, when you rely exclusively on visualizations and affirmations, the process can be extremely slow and slightly random. For example, you may find yourself having a connection experience in unexpected situations, and of an intensity for which you are unprepared. Therefore, you may want to consider various additional techniques to speed up or slow down the process, and practices that help you initiate it in spaces and places where you are comfortable with the connection.

Various techniques have been identified in the literature, like Holotropic Breathwork, Drumming,10 Hypoventilation, Writing, Zazen, and so on. Descriptions of these various practices are available on the Connection Practice11 SpiritWiki page and you can investigate these at your leisure, or consult with people on the LP Forums12 to see what has worked for them.

For best results, our recommendation is to use Connection Supplements to facilitate stronger connection. Connection supplements, as you already know, are substances and supplements like cannabis, peyote, or LSD that force open a wider connection. Connection supplements are the most effective and efficient way to open and practice your connection. It is also a fairly ancient and established way of doing so. Anthropologist Michael Harner points out there is ample evidence to suggest that the use of connection supplements to facilitate healing and to induce spiritual connection is an ancient and widespread human practice found throughout the ancient world.13 In some traditional societies, connection supplements are understood as the powerful and safe supplements they are, and they are even taken by the whole family in social gatherings, or given to children who are misbehaving.14 For example, the Mazatec indigenous of Oaxaca Mexico use psilocybin mushrooms for connection, and “usually several members of a family eat the mushrooms together: it is not uncommon for a father, mother, children, uncles, and aunts to all participate in these transformations of the mind that elevate consciousness onto a higher plane.”15

Despite misinformed opposition from conservative elites who would rather see people sick and disconnected, the use of connection supplements for healing and connection represents a growing practice in our modern era, especially as research that reveals their magical healing properties continues to proliferate, and as modern superstitions about their use continue to dissipate.

There are basically three reasons why we recommend the use of connection supplements.

Number one, they are healing. Indigenous traditions the world overuse these substances to facilitate a healing process.16 Although many people still hold superstitious attitudes towards these supplements, science is gradually revealing just how important these substances are to human health and well being. Cannabis, in particular, is a connection supplement of particular note. The human body is literally wired for cannabis. The human body has cannaboid receptors throughout the body, and more and more science is revealing the power of this herb to provide emotional, psychological, and even physical healing. By now, we also know that cannabis helps with depression, anxiety, PTSD, and a host of other emotional and psychological problems. It also might have the ability to help fight, perhaps even cure, cancer. A National Cancer Institute document cites early evidence that cannabis can even inhibit and shrink cancerous tumours.17

Number two, when you are using a connection supplement, you are almost guaranteed to open a connection every time. We say almost because even powerful supplements like LSD can be subverted by a bodily ego that is terrified to let go of control. If your bodily ego is traumatized and terrified to let go, it will hang on to control. Nevertheless, in most cases, ingesting or inhaling a connection supplement will facilitate a connection experience.

Number three, with connection supplements, you have better control over the onset, intensity and duration of the experiment. This gives you the ability to properly plan and structure your connection practice, and to aim for specific types of connection experiences. Note that the ability to control your experience is primarily true only with medical-grade cannabis herbs and oils, and not street-level materials. This is because on the street, you roll the dice whenever you purchase a supplement, whereas with medical-grade supplements, the quality and concentration is precisely controlled. These concentrated and purified herbs and oils allow you to experiment with precise dosages. You can go “low and slow” in the beginning when you are just starting out, and you can ingest higher dosages later to experience more powerful connection experiences.

For your information, additional guidance on using connection supplements for both healing and connection is provided on the LP Lesson page under the heading of “Spiritual Teachings.”


Preparation, intent, and connection practice are all important. Connection practice is the most challenging aspect of all this because psychological, emotional, and even ideological issues can emerge when you practice your connection, however you practice your connection. Given that connection practice can be challenging, there are a few things you can do to help lubricate and facilitate healthy connection practice.

Number one, be structured about it. This means do it in the same location, in the same way, every day. Without structure, you will struggle to make forward progress and, because of all the negativity and toxicity in this world, you will struggle to maintain the progress that you made.

Why is structure important to connection? Actually, structure is important to all aspects of your life, not only your connection practice, for lots of different reasons.

For one, life structure brings energetic efficiency. Having a structured day reduces time and energy use and increases focus and productivity in everything you do, not just connection. If you do not have to figure things out every day anew, if you can settle into easy routines, you will save time and energy. If you do this, you are more likely to get what needs to be done, done. It is like having a place for your tools, art supplies, kitchen implements, etc., and always putting your tools back in their place when you are done. When you do that, you do not waste time and energy looking for your tools when you need them. You know where they are. You grab them. You get the job done. It is the same thing when structuring your day. When your day has structure, you spend less time and energy seeking about trying to figure things out, less time on the job, and more time for everything else.

For two, structure helps you develop connection because structure encourages and supports discipline. Having a solid life structure gives you the space, time, and routine to practice things, like connection, or an instrument, every day. The routines you build are like train tracks that keep your energy and actions focused along the same lines. If you have structure and routines, if every day you sit down after supper and practice connection, or if every day you get up in the morning, connect, and write, the tracks you lay make it easier to sit down every day to practice. It is a question of simple habit. Develop the habit, lay the tracks, create the structure, and things flow in regular and controlled directions.

Speaking of controlling direction, the third reason for having solid life structure is that having solid life structure helps improve control of your connection by reducing complexity and uncertainty. Reducing complexity and uncertainty are important because reducing complexity and uncertainty allows you to reduce mental and emotional distraction and distress, and focus energy in on controlling the expansion/acceleration of consciousness that occurs when you make strong connections.

It works like this. If every day is a different day, if every day you are exposed to new things, new people, and new intellectual, emotional, and spiritual influences, you add complexity and uncertainty to your life. This complexity and uncertainty, while interesting, can bleed into your connection practice and make control a lot easier to establish. This is especially true if the influences and experiences that come through in your unstructured life are not conducive to, or even hostile towards, connection. The sad truth is, many people on this planet are either confused about spirituality or actually hostile to your expanding connection. Those that are confused, confuse you. Those that are hostile to connection work deliberately to sow doubt, fear, hatred, and panic, so you cannot connect. Exposing yourself to these confused, chaotic, and hostile influences undermines your connection practice, especially at the beginning.

Having solid life structure makes it a lot easier to avoid negative influences. It limits your exposure to “new things” and gives you excuses for skipping out of the toxic life show. This ability of structure to provide you an “out” is important and is part of the fourth reason that structure is important, and that is because structure facilitates the construction of boundaries. Boundaries allow you to keep people away from your private, connection spaces because when you structure your connection practice you can say things like, “this is my sacred space and sacred time, so please leave me alone.” Being able to establish boundaries like this is extremely important, especially in the beginning stages of your practice, because boundaries help you reduce the frequency and unpredictability of Negative Energy Insertions (NEIs).18

What are Negative NEIs? Negative Energy Insertions are insertions of negative energy into your life space. When somebody freaks out at you in a road rage incident, when your boss at work yells at you, when your spouse lies to you, when somebody tries to feed you negative spiritual ideology (e.g., tall tales of hell and damnation), when you watch a super violent Hollywood movie, when your political leaders incite hatred and violence, etc., negative energy is inserted into your life space. NEIs are anathema to the health, well being, and connection of your physical unit. NEIs disconnect you if you have already established a nascent connection. NEIs can spin a connection experience in a negative direction. NEIs can even cause physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual damage. For these reasons, it is important to reduce the frequency and unpredictability of negative energy insertions.

Reducing NEIs by establishing structure and boundaries helps with connection, reduces damage, and frees up energy otherwise wasted in perpetual defence. Reducing and eliminating NEIs also makes it easier to defend the integrity and purity of your intellectual and life spaces and to put your energy where it is needed most, which is on controlling The Flow that comes with connection.

This is important. It is important to put your energy and attention into controlling the Flow because the Flow can be quite intense, especially when you open a wide connection. Structure and boundaries help you deal with and handle that Flow.

It is like the front door of your house.

Your house is a structure and the walls and doors of the structure are the boundaries of that structure. Your house provides structures and these structures help protect you and your family against NEIs. A front door on your house prevents random strangers from walking into your home. A front door keeps animals and bugs out. A front door is a structural component of your home that reduces chaos and blocks against the entry of negativity, if you use it properly. Of course, if you just throw your front doors open and let anything come inside, it will not protect you or your family from anything. If you are going to benefit from the structure and boundary of your home, you have to be sensible about who you open the door to. The structure of your home will not help one iota if you do not sensibly enforce the boundaries.

Anyway, like the structure of your house creates a boundary that can help you keep negativity out, life structure can help with your connection practice. It provides energetic efficiency, reduces complexity and uncertainty, facilitates the construction of boundaries, and helps you establish discipline.


As noted above, if you want your connection practice to be successful, you should establish some life structure. The second thing you need to do is develop some discipline. If you want to make progress towards stronger and more persistent connection, you are going to have to be disciplined about it. Being disciplined means engaging in Connection Practice in a disciplined, ideally daily, manner. Understand, connection is not something you are supposed to experience just once or twice in your life. If you want to stay healthy and alive, connection is something you need to experience every day, throughout your day. We are meant to be more connected. Our bodies are evolved to be connected full time. The only reason we are not more connected right now is because the violence and trauma of our childhood, adolescence, and adulthood traumatizes our bodily ego and causes it to restrict and shut down connection. But this is pathology. This is disconnection. This is something you have to get over, and the only way to get over it, the only way to achieve a stronger and more persistent connection, is to engage in disciplined practice, ideally every day, or at the very least three or four times a week.

Why is disciplined connection practice so important? Disciplined connection practice is important for the same reason that any type of practice is important; it is the only way you make progress forward. Connection practice is just like guitar practice, piano practice, driving practice, or bike-riding practice. As any piano or guitar teacher will tell you, you make the fastest progress when you engage in disciplined daily practice. If you do not practice, you do not get better. It is as simple as that. If you want to get good at something, if you want to perfect something, you have to practise daily. That is just the way it is. It like this for playing an instrument, carpentering wood, healing bodies, or connecting your bodily ego to your spiritual ego. Spiritual connection takes practice. It takes practise to initiate connection and, more important, it takes practise to control and perfect your connection.

How you bring discipline and structure to your life is up to you, your comfort level, and your available time. When you are just starting out, particularly when you are working on flow purification, you might want to set aside an hour or so each day inside a protected space connection cocoon, as we say on the LP. A Connection Cocoon19 is a protective space you establish where you can relax, de-stress, meditate, and engage in connection practice. Later on, you might also want to take your connection practice outside in nature, since nature is a gentle and healing space.20

Understanding the importance of practice is one thing. Understanding how to practice can be a little harder, especially when it comes to connection practice. If you are a musician, you know you practice to develop a supportive neurology and musculature, and so when you practice, you practice your muscle movements. This is how musicians practice. If you are a doctor, you know you practice to improve your diagnostic and practical healing skills, and so when you practice, you practice on patients. When it comes to connection practice, however, the question “how do we practice” is a little harder to answer. For sure, you practice connection just like you practice guitar or practice doctoring, which is to develop a supporting neurology. But the ways you practice and the reasons you practice go beyond just neurology and muscle development. To be clear, you practice connection to develop supportive neurology, but also to a) unblock, b) purify, and c) learn to handle and control the powerful Flow. We will look at each of these in turn now starting with unblocking the Flow.

Unblocking the Flow

As for unblocking the Flow, this is required because blockages like guilt, shame, and fear often constrict the Flow of Consciousness. We already know how guilt and shame can block flow. If you have done something wrong and if you have not acknowledged and atoned (for this, then when you connect (with a connection supplement, drumming, or whatever), awareness of these transgressions can rise in your consciousness. When that happens, you may shut down the connection in order to avoid the guilt and shame that rises up (remember the push/pull of connection). It is like a pedophile smoking cannabis and suddenly dealing with the raw disjuncture and impact of these actions on their victims. The negative emotions can be so painful and overwhelming that the individual blocks the flow and shuts down the connection, never to try again. They do this to avoid experiencing the intense guilt and shame. The pain and avoidance are what constitute the blockage.

You already know how to deal with this type of blockage, and that is to acknowledge and atone. Nothing else will do. Once you acknowledge and atone then the issue won’t “come up” during a connection experience, and even if it does, you will be able to handle it without totally halting the flow.

Guilt and shame are two powerful emotional blocks to Flow, and fear is as well. All of us probably have at least one fear that will come into play when we have a connection experience. I know I did. My (Mike) fear was of a Catholic fear of God as a violent, punishing patriarch. This fear blocked my connection for many years. Whenever I had a powerful connection experience, this fear and some accompanying paranoia would be triggered, and I’d role up into a fetal position and shut the connection right down.

Where did this fear come from? This fear was there because of the archetypes and ideas that the Catholic priests, teachers, and my mother taught me as a child. Whenever a strong connection opened, I experience intense fear of punishment and damnation. And note, the fears do not have to be rational or even active while in normal consciousness. These fears can be buried quite deep below the surface, immune from contact with your cerebral cortex. You may not even know you have a fear until it is triggered during a connection experience. At the time I faced my fear, I did not believe in God or anything else other than what existed in the material form. Nevertheless, the archetypes formed an unconscious layer of fear that was activated during connection and was potent enough to scare me into a spiritual shutdown, until I finally cleared the fear with what, on the LP we call a Clearing Experience. As explained in the SpiritWiki,21 A Clearing Experience is a special type of Connection Experience that leads to an abrupt and dramatic “clearing” of an emotional, intellectual, psychological, or spiritual blockage(s). A clearing experience typically results immediately in improved insight, understanding, health, well-being, and connection.

Fear of God is not the only fear that can block the Flow. Other similar fears block connection as well. Some people fear they will lose touch with their ground and go insane, for example. I have spoken to many people over the years who feel when they connect that they are losing touch with reality. To be frank, this is a bit of a danger. It can happen that you can lose your ground and become a little unhinged during and immediately after a connection experience, especially if that experience is powerful, if you are not prepared, and if you have experienced a lot of family violence and trauma as a child and adolescent. In a few very rare cases, psychosis can result. Nevertheless, proper preparation can provide a solid anchor in the ground, and a little bit of post-connection guidance can help bring you back down to Earth.

Fears block the flow of Consciousness in the same way that guilt and shame block the flow. The fear is painful, disconcerting, and prevents normal function. When fear is active and heightened, as it may be during connection, the bodily ego naturally does what it needs to do in order to alleviate the pain, which is to shut the connection down.

How do you unblock a fear so that the Consciousness might freely flow? That depends on you and the nature of your fear, but you essentially have to face the fear and then walk through it. As I describe in more detail in LP Workbook Seven, I resolved my fear of God by facing that fear. When the bad things that I feared would happen did not happen, that is, when God did not strike me down as the priests in the Catholic Church had said they would if I didn’t follow the rules, my fear cleared and Consciousness immediately began to flow more freely. It was quite remarkable.

If you want to clear a fear, you have to do the same thing. If you are afraid of going insane, reassure yourself that you will remain grounded and in control, and then go ahead and let go so you can have a full experience. If your fear is that God will judge you and damn you, tell yourself that God is loving and compassionate and would never do such a horrible thing. If you struggle with fears of connection, it might be helpful to engage with a healthy and knowledgeable spiritual community (like the one you will find on the LP Forums) to help you clear fears, keep you grounded, and offer guidance and advice.

Purifying the Flow

In addition to clearing guilt, shame, and fear so that you can unblock the Flow, you also have to purify your Flow. Flow Purification22 is a connection practice that involves purifying the flow of consciousness that is initiated when you make a connection. Flow purification is something you need to do because, as a part of the toxic socialization process we all endure, you have absorbed a lot of ideological and archetypal garbage. This garbage can make for a dank, putrefied flow.

How do you purify your flow? You do that by basically identifying and removing wrong thought. Wrong Thought, as we have seen, is thought that discourages and makes it harder for us to connect. Wrong thought is also thought that corrupts the Flow of consciousness. Wrong thought causes you to take a spiritual or philosophical idea or archetype like “God is love,” “Consciousness is bliss,” or “it is important to be in alignment with your Highest Self,” and corrupt that in some way that inflicts emotional or psychological harm, or damages your connection.

A good example of the problem here is with the all-too-common old energy archetypes of judgment and punishment. These old energy archetypes basically give you the idea that if you do something bad, God, or “the universe,” will punish you by sending you to hell, forcing a “lower” birth, or some other such karmic nonsense like that. For many adults, these archetypes inform the way they think about things in the world, and also their daily actions. Indeed, the entire legal system of this planet is based on this spiritual BS, and our lives are governed by these archetypes as well. Speaking globally, people who “sin” are punished and sent to hell (i.e. put into jail). Because these archetypes are embedded in our own consciousness, we judge and punish those we see engaged in “bad” action. For example, if you think your spouse has done something wrong by you, you will think they should be punished, and you will act accordingly, attacking or assaulting them in some way. If you punish others, you do damage, and you harm their ability to connect.

While walking around in normal consciousness, which at present is most of the time for most adults, we are unaware that these archetypes exist and oblivious to their powerful influence on our thoughts and behaviour. In other words, while walking around in normal consciousness, these archetypes about judgment and punishment remain unconscious and largely dormant, though even while dormant they still control behaviour; however, during a connection experience, the light from your own Consciousness flashes a powerful spotlight on these ideas. When you make a connection, these archetypes come to life! When that happens, you simply cannot ignore their existence. When that happens, the ideas become very “real” and very intense, only when connected, the focus of judgment and punishment becomes you. The light of your own Consciousness makes you see clearly your actions in life, and since none of us are free from misalignment and wrong action, you immediately feel judged, and you instantly fear the punishment (hell, damnation, banishment, pain, etc.) you previously wished upon others. When this happens, when these archetypes are invoked during connection, and when they inadvertently trigger fear, paranoia, and panic, the bodily ego automatically moves to shut the connection down to avoid the fear and trauma.

It is not just impure and faulty ideas about punishment and damnation that can cause connection problems. There is a common idea out there that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” This idea, which suggests that we build strength and character when we experience adversity and trauma, is common in popular culture, and it also appears in various religious traditions. Catholics, for example, say “Spare the rod and spoil the child.” Of course, as you will know if you have read LP Workbook Two: Healing, trauma and adversity do not build character, they cause damage. Suggesting that they do only encourages us to accept toxic experiences without challenge. When we accept toxicity, we take damage. This damage undermines the health and well-being of the physical unit, and makes it much harder to connect.

For example, damage to self-esteem experienced during a toxic childhood (parents name-calling, public shaming, etc.) can make you doubt your worthiness at a deep level. If your self-esteem is damaged, then when you do connect, you can feel uncomfortable, small, and insignificant in the face of the grandeur and might of your own higher Consciousness. When you have absorbed archetypes about your own insignificance, then even when your experience is one of awe and rapture, you can still shut your connection down because you simply do not feel worthy or capable of existing in the “heaven” of higher light.

Archetypes of judgment and punishment and ideas that encourage you to accept trauma and toxicity, are not the only ideas that can shut you down and prevent connection. Various irrational fears of connection, like the fear that you might be going crazy, the fear that you might lose control, or the fear that you will be overtaken and possessed by demons, can also impact your experience and cause you to shut it down. Fears of going crazy and losing control are particularly prevalent around those with a rational and scientific bent. Those raised in science often interpret their experiences as madness. In fact, when scientists originally began looking at connection experiences, they inevitably characterized it as primitive23 madness.24

At this point, hopefully you see the problem. Old energy archetypes, of which there are many, corrupt and disconnect the Flow. If you want to achieve stronger and more persistent connection, you are going to have to sort these ideas out. In fact, you are going to have to excise your bodily consciousness of these ideas and purify your mind of them. This brings us back to the notion of flow purification. If you want to establish a healthy, strong, and persistent connection, you have to purify the flow. If you do not, you will always struggle with connection and connection practice.

How do you engage in flow purification? How do you remove wrong thought and old energy archetypes? You do that in a three-step process of recognize, root out, and replace.25 Basically, recognize the limiting ideas and ideologies that have been implanted in your consciousness and that disconnect and corrupt your Flow; then, root these ideas out by consciously examining them until you are clear about what they are. Finally, make a decision and replace those archetypes and ideas that you do not want to keep with new, life-affirming new ideas and archetypes.

This process of flow purification is simple to conceptualize and absolutely essential if you want to make forward progress towards pure and strong connection; however, the process of recognize, root out, and replace can be very difficult to put into practice, and this for at least three reasons.

The first reason it can be difficult to practice flow purification because we are not taught, as a rule, to examine the ideas in our brains. Rather, we are taught to just accept whatever was poured and implanted into us when we were children. Because we were not taught to think critically, we simply do not have the skills to immediately begin the process, or to carry it out in a successful fashion. This does not mean we cannot develop the skills necessary; we can. It just means that when we first start, we do not have the skills we need to succeed, and so we need guidance, and have some learning, to do.

The second reason it can be difficult to engage in flow purification is because we often feel like we should not/can not engage in critical examination of the ideas and archetypes in our brain. Why? Because many people are taught that the archetypes and ideas that were implanted in their brain when they were children are “sacred” in some way. As a consequence of the purported sacred nature of the archetypes, we are told, and we feel, we should not examine or touch them.

It works like this. If a priest tells you that God is going to judge you and punish you if you are bad, if he inserts archetypes in other words, if he also says that he got this idea from a magical book given directly by God, and if he concludes his sermon by telling you that you are worthy to question, we are likely to accept the argument that they are sacred, we are unlikely to question and interrogate these ideas, and we may even fear the idea altogether. This ten thousand year ruse, this idea that some ideas are sacred and should not be questioned or touched, keeps you from engaging in the flow purification necessary to improve and strengthen connection. This perspective, this position, this fear, if you have it, is, however, misplaced. You have every right to question what a priest or guru says to you. You have every right to question the ideas and archetypes in your head. You have every right to wilfully decide which archetypes you want to think with, and which archetypes you wish to filter your world experience with. By the grace of God, you have this right; so, if you want to move forward, claim that right and joyfully begin the purification process.

Finally, the third reason that flow purification can be a challenge is because the archetypes and ideas in your head that disconnect you and corrupt the Flow are complicated, deeply buried, subtle, seductive, and very attractive to a damaged bodily ego. Even if you have developed the skill to begin sorting it out, even if you get over the nonsense about “sacred” ideas that you cannot examine or touch, it is still hard to sort it all out and make progress because of how complicated and confusing it can be. It is an understatement to say that there are many traps, pitfalls, and swindles put in your way to divert you from finding and achieving authentic and persistent connection. That’s ok though, because we can help with that. In order to help sort things out and get you started on flow purification, the LP has developed the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS). The TOSAS consists of a series of New Energy Archetype cards, along with a series of commentaries and (eventually) videos, that can help you explore the archetypes in your brain, with a mind towards purifying and strengthening the flow. For your information, the TOSAS is introduced in the next LP workbook, LP Workbook Four. When you have completed this workbook, and when feel ready to move on, begin your archetypal study by starting Workbook Four.

In closing this unit, we just want to say, engaging in the process of flow purification is a critical part of your connection practice. Even though you might, at this point, think that you do not need it, you do. Understand that under conditions of normal consciousness, old energy archetypes function unconsciously, subtly directing your thoughts and behaviours. Under conditions of normal consciousness, you can live your entire life completely oblivious to the archetypes that control your day. However, when you connect, old energy archetypes are illuminated, energized, and ignited, and when that happens they can expand to fill the entire space of your consciousness. When the archetypes that are ignited are new energy archetypes, this is not a problem, because new energy archetypes align and empower your bodily ego, and enhance a pure connection. When the archetypes are new energy, connection is completely desirable. However, when the archetypes that are ignited are old energy, you can run into all sorts of confusion, trouble, and fear. Even if you have never experienced a connection event, understand, you eventually will; do yourself a favour by starting the process of archetypal revision right away.

To summarize, this unit is about ascension, or about the connection between bodily ego and spiritual ego that leads forward towards a beautiful and permanent union. The key to establishing a stronger and more persistent connection, the key to ascension and union, is to make connection practice a disciplined part of a structured and routinized daily life. Discipline ensures daily practice which helps move you forward consistently and quickly. Structure frees and channels energy, allows you to avoid unnecessary complexity, uncertainty, and toxicity. Flow purification, which you practice before, during, and after a connection event, helps you remove old energy archetypes so you gradually purify and empower your flow.


1The Vedic term yoga actually means union with your HS. Pantanjali’s Yoga Sutras are “union stitches” designed to help stitch your spiritual ego together with your bodily ego Yoga as properly practiced is thus not merely a physical exercise regime, it is a technology of union with Consciousness, an ancient technology of ascension.


3Remember, a nadir experience is a negatively perceived connection experience.

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5For example, Luke 3: 20-25 notes the baptism/initiation of Jesus involved the descent of the Holy Spirit, “like a dove.” Similarly, Jesus is able to initiate connection in others, i.e., the descent of the Holy Spirit, by his very presence.

Peace be with you!As the Father has sent me,I am sending you.”And with that he breathed on them and said,“Receive the Holy Spirit.”








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