flow-control Lesson

Flow Purification and Flow Control

  • Flow refers to the constant flow of images and ideas (and possibly music) that passes through the awareness of the Physical Unit. Flow is enhanced during Connection Events and when an individual uses Connection Supplements
  • Flow Control and Flow Purification are techniques  designed to help individuals handle the influx of Consciousness and Awareness that occurs when one engages in Connection Practice or uses Connection Supplements.
  • Flow Purification and Flow Control are discussed in LP Workbook IV (WKBK-IV).
  • Flow Control involves breathing and mindfulness. The goal is to get control over one’s thought processes so negative thought patterns cannot seed and grow stronger.
  • When an individual has control, the individual can choose which thoughts to keep in one’s brain. If a negative thought comes up, for example, “I am a loser,” an individual with good flow control is able to easily dismiss that thought.
  • In cases, where a client cannot get control of their thoughts, deeper psychoanalysis may be required to uncover the fear, trauma, or any other issues (like the need for Atonement or action, driving the compulsive thinking.
  • Flow Purification, as explained in WKBK-IV, involves “cleaning the pipes” between the Spiritual Ego and the Bodily Ego
  • Flow purification is an absolutely essential step on the road to healing and stronger connection. Without Flow Purification, anxiety, fear,  misconception, and ego damage caused by Wrong Thought can exacerbate various ego pathologies and contribute to distortion and corruption of the Flow
  • Cleaning the pipes involves identifying Old Energy Archetypes and replacing these with New Energy Archetypes from the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System
  • LP Workbook Four elaborates upon old and new energy archetypes.


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