Introduction Lesson

LP Code of Ethics

The LP Code of Ethics and Behaviour

  1. LP Practitioners honour and respect the Code of Ethics of their respective governing bodies. In addition,

  2. LP Practitioners hold the welfare of clients as key and practice in ways that do no harm to the client.

  3. LP Practitioners serve in ways that cultivate increased mental, emotional, spiritual health awareness, empathy, and wisdom both in themselves and in the clients they serve.
  4. LP Practitioners do not cross professional boundaries. This includes developing friendships and having sexual relations with clients. LP Practitioners do not touch their clients (hug, etc.) unless explicit permission is granted (note this in the case notes).
  5. LP Practitioners in general do not accept gifts, gratuities, or favours from clients. Inappropriate gifts include financial gifts or objects of substantial value.
  6. LP Practitioners are open and honest with their credentials, fees, methods of payment, and any additional charges for cancelled appointments, non-attendance, etc.
  7. LP Practitioners reject all forms of discrimination, including racial, gender, sexual, religious, age, disability, political, and so forth.
  8. LP Practitioners honour the individual and is respectful of their needs, cultures, perspectives, and orientations. LP practitioners respect cultural and sexual diversity.
  9. LP Practitioners provide service in only in those areas for which they are trained and have demonstrated competence.
  10. LP Practitioners respect all other medical/healthcare professionals. LP Practitioners refer clients to appropriate professionals when the client needs extend beyond the practitioner’s areas of training and expertise.
  11. LP Practitioners keep accurate, relevant, and appropriate notes and records.
  12. LP Practitioners maintain strict confidentiality within the client/practitioner relationship, except where such confidentiality contravenes local legal codes or where court orders are made regarding disclosure. LP Practitioners ensure notes and client records are kept secure and confidential. Paper records should be locked away and electronic records should be carefully guarded and encrypted. Records should never be placed online or in cloud storage.
  13. Because the increased awareness gained from Healing and Connection practices can catalyze desire for personal and social change, Coaches/Counsellors shall use special care to help direct the energies of those they serve, as well as their own, in responsible ways that reflect respect and love for all life.
  14. LP Practitioners practice in the spirit of service. LP will always do their best to provide support and services that are affordable and accessible.

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