Lesson The System

The System

  • The phrase The System refers to the extant Regime of Accumulation (ROA) used by elites to exploit the majority masses of the planet.
  • As explained in the videos, money is a central feature of the current ROA. Money allows for the abstraction and easy accumulation of Labour Value
  • Details, details, details: The System consists of a particular Mode of Accumulation, or MOA.
  • A MOA consists of three things.
    1. Exploitative Techniques which are mechanisms through which Labour Value is extracted from the masses
    2. Ideological Institutions tasked with inserting ideas and archetypes designed to manipulate and control
    3. Mechanisms of Force used to force compliance and servitude and preserve The System when softer ideological methods  fail and people rise up
  • The current globally dominant MOA is a capitalist MOA.The capitalist MOA consists of
  • Exploitative Techniques: The Capitalist MOA abstracts labour into money and then develops techniques for the extraction and accumulation of that labour into the hands of the civic, national, and global elites. In other words, capitalists exploit people by extracting and accumulating abstracted labour value. Exploitation takes the form of
    • low wages for workers. Capitalist accumulate the surplus labour value.
    • high taxes for individuals, low taxes for organisations
    • various grifts, like the Stock Market, pyramid schemes, etc.
  • Ideological Institutions: Capitalists use several Ideological Institutions (the Church, esoteric organizations like Freemasonry and Skull and Bones, Hollywood and other mainstream cultural producers) to disseminate a Creation Template consisting of Old Energy Archetypes which damage, diminish, and disconnect.
  • Mechanisms of Force: Capitalists use the police, the professional military, and weaponized masses to discipline and control the exploited masses.
  • All these activities are geared towards enabling exploitation of others. Limited consideration is given to individuals and the Seven Essential Needs. As a consequence, The System damages  individuals in deep and profound ways. This damage diminishes and disconnects individuals.
  • Addressing this damage so individuals can heal and reconnect is the primary task of an LP Practitioners.
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