Before you look over the stitches below, make sure you read through the following two LP books. Once you’ve done that, come back so you can stitch it all together.

  1.  LP Workbook one: Connection, the Physical Unit, the Spiritual Ego, the Bodily Ego
  2. Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy.

Authentic Spirituality and Connection

  1. Two basic concepts you must understand are Spiritual Ego[s/pwiki] and a [spwiki]Bodily Ego. Your personality, your psyche, consists of both.
  2. Your bodily ego is your bodys’ ego. It is the mind of your brain. Because it is the mind of your brain, if you want to understand the Bodily Ego, understand the neurological, psychological, sociological, and medical (nutrition, etc.) aspects of the brain.
  3. Your spiritual ego is your soul, atman, ka. Your Spiritual Ego is the real you of which your bodily ego is a more or less perfect expression.
  4. The goal of Authentic Spirituality is to connect your bodily ego to your spiritual ego, to help your bodily ego ground and properly express.
  5. Connection refers to a direct, unmediated, and pure connection between your Bodily Ego and your Spiritual Ego


  1. Connection experiences may be easily achieved via [[Connection Practice]]s, [[Connection Appliance]]s, or [[Connection Supplements]]. However, perfect integration and expression of your spiritual ego require ongoing practice effort and practice.
  2. Because your spiritual ego is independent of your brain, you cannot understand your spiritual ego by looking at human psychology, sociology, or medicine. You can read what others say about your soul and the Fabric of Consciousness in which it exists, but you can only truly know your spiritual ego, you can only know who you are and what you are like, by connecting to your spiritual ego.

The Challenge

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