In this workbook we have looked at the Lightning Path Connection Framework. This framework provides a set of six points or foundational activities which you focus on and pursue to prepare yourself for connection. These focus points are awakening, accountability, atonement, alignment, activation, and ascension. In a nutshell we may say, to prepare for connection, awaken to reality, become accountable for the damage you have caused, atone (make things right) and align with your HS so you can activate, ascend (i.e. merge/achieve union), and attain a full connection with your bright and powerful Highest Self.

Sounds easy when we say it, perhaps, but the truth is, there is a fair amount of work involved. Even though the path is clearly laid out for you, there are significant challenges. Even simply awakening to truth can be a major challenge, especially if you come from a toxic family background. Still, you have to do it. Attaining a stronger connection with your own HS is the Holy Grail1 of authentic spirituality. It is the point and purpose of being incarnated in a human body.

So, what is next?

What is next, as already noted, is archetypal revision and flow purification. To move forward, you have to actually practice connection and, as your connection expands, you have to practice and purify your connection by purifying out old energy ideas and archetypes. Moving forward, that is what we are going to do. Lightning Path Workbook Four helps you with flow purification by guiding you through a process of archetypal revision. Using the powerful Triumph of Spirit Archetype System, we will take you step by step through a process of flow purification that will you clean out and replace old energy archetypes that block and disconnect, with new energy archetypes that enhance and purify so you can attain a strong and pure flow.


1The Holy Grail is a spiritual metaphor for full and empowered connection.


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