Articles on this page are shorter articles dealing with various spiritual, psychological, neurological, or sociological issues related to Human Spirituality. These articles assume you have read through and are familiar with concepts introduced in the the Lightning Path Workbooks on our Teachings page. You need to be a registered LP student to access most articles on this page.

Basic Lessons

Healing Lessons

  1. How Environment Creates the Alpha Male
  2. Are you a Toxic Alpha Wolf or a Connected Human Being?
  3. The LP Model of Mental “Illness”
  4. The Seven Essential Needs – a basic statement
  5. Triggering as a sign of emotional sepsis
  6. Connection distortion – how your connection can be distorted by a damaged ego, unmet needs, and ideology

Connection Lessons

  1. Connection Practice (aiming, grounding, controlling your thoughts, facilitating the flow)
  2. I said I was sorry, get over it. Being accountable and doing the work of atonment.
  3. The Problem of Evil in The Fabric

Connection Coach Lessons

  1. Do I undermine, enable, or support.

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