Items on this page provide additional commentary and analysis on concepts and ideas introduced in the LP Workbooks. These items assume you have read through and are familiar with concepts in the Lightning Path Workbooks. You need to be a registered LP student to access articles on this page.


  1. Toxic Socialization – the damage that physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual assault does to the Physical Unit
  2. How Environment Creates the Alpha Male
  3. Are you a Toxic Alpha Wolf or a Connected Human Being?
  4. The LP Model of Mental “Illness” (1)
  5. Roots of Human Mental Infection (2)
  6. The Seven Essential Needs – a basic statement
  7. Triggering as a Sign of Emotional Sepsis
  8. Connection Distortion – how your connection can be distorted by a damaged ego, unmet needs, and ideology


  1. Allegory of the Blindfold – an allegorical look at connection and disconnection
  2. Connection Steps – A summary of the steps you need to take in order to achieve stronger and more permanent connection
  3. Connection Practice (aiming, grounding, controlling your thoughts, facilitating the flow)
  4. What is Learned Helplesness?
  5. A Deeper Look at Defense Mechanisms. ARMS. (3)
  6. PSS Infections and Pathological Adaptations.
  7. I said I was sorry, get over it. Being accountable and doing the work of atonement.
  8. Allegory of the Room – an allegorical look at the process of collective connection
  9. The Problem of Evil in The Fabric

Archetypal Study

  1. From Zoroaster to Star Wars, Jesus to Marx: The Science and Technology of Mass Human Behaviour – The ancient origin of “modern” archetypes
  2. Star Wars is a Religion that Primes us all for war


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