Look at the world right now, what do you see?

You see that horrific things are happening in the world. Violence, hatred, war, dramatic weather, burning houses, flooding streets, nuclear threats, lying and bully politicians beating people up, corrupt industries, and the list goes on and one. It is bad, and it seems to be getting worse all the time. Indeed, it seems like the human race is hurtling towards its doom on an accelerating exponential curve of violence, global warming, and cussed, stubborn, selfish, greedy, stupidity. And it is. You can’t deny it. There is definitely a trend, and the trend is definitely down. Darkness is expanding and the world is sliding on a steep slope straight to to hell, in a hand basket lubricated with grease.

Still, it is not all doom and gloom. If you are paying attention, if you are looking, there is another trend, and this trend is gaining power. Just last week an entire industry, Hollywood, was outed as a festering cesspool of greed, corruption, misalignment, and self deception. That’s big. That’s massive. And that’s only one. Just the other day, Rep. Tom Marino was outed as in industry shill who, in return for industry payment,  “disarmed the DEA,” making it easier for pharmaceutical giants to sell addictive and dangerous opioids to the vulnerable and sick. He was outed for what he is. A paid shill for a corrupt corporate drug cartel, accelerating the sell of dangerous opioids,  and hurting the human race.

That is big as well.

That, in fact, is huge.

Two massive revelations in the span of only a few days? That’s amazing. And I can tell you, I can warn you, it is only going to accelerate. Over the next decade or so, the revelations are going to get faster and more dramatic. Revelations are already shaking the foundation of the old energy world order. By the time things really get rolling, it is going to seem like a spiritual earthquake is destroying the old world, which, I’m happy to say, it is.

So ya, two trends. One “up” towards greater truth and light, and another trying desperately to keep us down by invoking energies of hatred, violence, darkness, and despair. As cliche as it might seem to some, it seems rather obvious to me. There’s a war going on. It is not a war between good and evil, but it is a war between light and dark. It is a war between the people who want “business as usual,” and the people who want things to change. It is a war between those who want to expose it all to the light of day, and those who want to keep it all a dank, dark, secret.

And it is not a little struggle.

It is not a little war.

Right now, at this very instant, the war is being waged everywhere. From the kitchen table in your own home to the highest and “illuminated” levels of government, the war is going on. From the smallest family business to the biggest corporate entity, the struggle is at its height. I would even say, and I will say, that Armageddon is going on. What’s more, I want to say, “this is it,” as MJ was trying to say. This is the one that brings victory (for Spirit). This is the one that cinches the triumph for God/Consciousness. This is the one where we “bring it all home.” And really, there’s nothing anybody can do to to stop it. Not even Jokerman  can do anything to stop it. The only thing he and his spiritually and emotionally damaged buddies can do is throw tantrums and hurt innocents. Yes, they can stomp and spit. Yes, they engage wars and drop bombs. Yes, they can potentially hurt billions of people (it only takes one crazy man to push “the button”), but nothing is going to halt the descent of Consciousness this time. Even firing up the ovens and launching some nuclear missiles won’t stop it this time; it will only cause unnecessary suffering. Like it or not, the outcome is finally assured.

So what are you going to do?

Well, you can either go with the expansion of light or, as pointed out in The Book of Life: Ascension and the Divine World Order, you can resist. Since there’s no point to resisting, since the end is already assured, what have you got to lose? And besides, there’s nothing to be afraid of. What you are seeing happen all around you is an expansion of Consciousness into the human physical unit. As clearly evidenced by the brutally fast advance of this planet’s science and technology, as clearly represented by the acceleration of revelation, and in line with “prophecies” the world over, the Consciousness of the planet is rising once again. That is something that should be embraced not resisted, because it means wonderful things for the World. As Consciousness advances on this planet, as the average CQ of the population rises, as old resistances (preferably) transform or (inevitably) die away, everything is going to change and everything is going to get a lot easier.

Don’t believe me? That’s fair. I’m certainly not the first to come along and say “this is it.” I will say this though, it was always just a process of trial, error, and tweaking. Raising a planet, ascending a World, is complicated work. No matter how many times you do it, there’s always trial and error. But like any technical/engineering challenge, you always succeed in the end. A point always comes when we say, “The body is ready; the planet is willing; the people are ready to ascend.” That time is now. So rejoice, planet Earth, and awaken, activate, ascend.



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