Watching the Netflix film Sense8 by Lana and Lilly Wachowski, I’m struck. The series shows a group of eight “sensates,” people who are psychically and emotionally connected and, at times, co-present. They share a spiritual communion. They know each others thoughts. They draw on each others knowledge and expertise. They are one, and many, at once.

I have to say, it’s a beautiful representation. Indeed, at first glance it is an almost perfect representation of a glorious spiritual truth, and one quite familiar to Lightning Path students, which is that we all exist within, and can connect our bodily ego to, the Fabric of Consciousness. But then, the Wachowski’s do what they always do and important old energy archetypes. Specifically, in this case, the idea that only some are “chosen/exalted/evolved,” while others are not. As it turns out, the sensates are a different species. They are Homo Sensorium and they stand opposed to Homo Sapiens. They are another species who, like “vampires,” have lived among the cracks and the crevices as they struggle to survive. Homo Sapiens, we are told, are violent, primitive, and full of irrational fear. You can see it in the film as Whispers, the requisite Sapient bad guy, desperately tries to eliminate and control the sensate bacterium. He’s a bad dude, representative of a bad species. “Wouldn’t we all be better off without them,” says Nomi (formerly Michael), as she retrospectively ponders a sapien’s suicide.

“Fuck ya!” The viewers, agree.

The Netflix series seems to present a progressive view, but in fact the story is as old as the Zoroastrian Nodes. Throughout the course of the film we are reminded of a basic masonic truth, a basic elite archetype, which is that there are two classes of people. The ones above and the ones below.

Throughout the film, we are advised that the ones below are insane and violent, while the ones above are beautiful, wonderful, and true. We are even invited to consider the elimination, or at least the punishment, of the sapient being. They don’t deserve to be treated with kindness and respect.

The problem with this line of thinking is that its foundation is just not true. There isn’t a difference between God’s chosen and the chaff. A new species doesn’t emerge, while another dies away, when childhood finally ends. This is nothing more than an excuse and a justification for accumulation, power, control, privilege, and, I suppose, population control, if you really think deeply about it. With this basic “us versus them” mentality put in place, you can fire up ovens and rain down nuclear fire with hardly any consequences at all, beyond the life of the fall guy, and the millions who die.


The Sense8 series is an awesome illustration of an intermediate LP teaching, which is how old energy archetypes penetrate into popular culture, and how these archetypes can be used to subtly sully what would otherwise be a very progressive message. I have to say, the Wachowskis are masters at this, having corrupted awakening messages in The Matrix and other films, turning them into service of the status quo.  What can you do? Even a truth as glorious as connection with the Fabric can be debased and twisted from an idea that represents a total victory of consciousness (sensates are clearly and, ad naseum, Joyfully connected to The Fabric), into a status-quo archetype defending a status quo world with ready made excuses for exploitation, domination, and even murder of the unfortunates assigned to a low status, beneath the Wheel.



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