Lightning Path Lightning Rods


About LP Rods

Human spirituality is complex, not because the content is inherently difficult or challenging, but because there is much confusion and distortion in the world’s spiritual thought. As a result, it can be hard to weave together a complete and accurate understanding, especially when your life is really busy.

How do you put all the pieces together efficiently and sensibly? You use LP Rods. LP Rods (short for Lightning Rod) are short, pithy lessons which you can use to “electrify” your study and dive into concepts and ideas relevant to human development and authentic spirituality. LP rods are designed to help you focus your attention on key concepts so you can learn quickly, and at your own pace. You examine the rods and then, over time, you put them all together into a spiritual connection of your own making.

To get started, simply start at the beginning. Start with the introductory rods Read one at a time, and move forward at your own pace. Each of the rods contains a list of statements along with additional reading which you can do to deepen and broaden your understanding of the key concept(s) presented in the rod. Make sure you understand before moving too far forward. If you don’t understand, you can ask questions in the questions section below the rod.

There is no time limit on moving through the materials. Spend as much or as little with each rod as you see fit. How long you spend will depend on a) your effort, b) your past training, and c) any obstacles, blockages, and resistance you might experience concerning the materials, and any Wrong Thought you might have picked up along the way. In some cases, you might get through quickly. At other times, it might take a little bit longer. Our only advice here is that if you want to move forward, spend at least forty-five minutes a day refining your intellectual understanding and at least an hour on quiet, isolated, Connection Practice.

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