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Isha Upanishad

The Īsha (owner) Upanishad is a short Upanishad that provides basic commentary on the importance of cause and effect and the difference between Spiritual Ego and Bodily Ego The Īsha Upanishad also provides some guidance on proper intellectual orientation, that is Right Thought. Consider it an early vedic "owner's manual" for your physical unit. Note, the version below is modernized version. This version uses, and is consistent with, LP concepts. You can evaluate the modernization by visiting this link.

Isha Upanishad

That is The Fabric of Consciousness, This is The Fabric of Consciousness. From The Fabric, The Fabric comes out. Taking the Fabric from the Fabric, what remains is The Fabric.

1. Everything on the planet, including all life is a manifestation of, and is pervaded by, The Fabric of Consciousness. You do not own it. Creation is here for the enjoyment and benefit of all. 2. Remember, this is a material world and your experience of it is impacted by your actions at all times. If you want to live a hundred years, take actions that support this goal. 3. Disconnection leaves you blind and covered in darkness. It is important you make a connection  to your Highest Self while alive. If you don’t have this realization, if you do not make a connection, you will live in a world covered in darkness, and your next birth will start in darkness as well. 4. Your Higher Self, a.k.a. your Spiritual Ego (a.k.a. Atman), is eternal and far more intelligent then your Bodily Ego. It does not exist as a physical substance and therefore you cannot see, hear, or touch it. Nevertheless, it provides the breath from which all life emerges. 5. Your higher self, your Consciousness, pervades all things. It is constant and immovable, yet it moves all things. It is far away and eternal, but is also present in the very atoms of this universe, and also deep inside you. 6. Once you realize that all this is Consciousness, that all this is Self, that all beings are an expression of Self, you will have no reason to fear. 7. One you realize that all this is Consciousness, that all beings are part of your own Self, you will free yourself of delusion and sorrow. 8. Self is everywhere, shining in everything. Self is without body and hence undamaged. Self is pure and untouched by disjuncture and disconnection. Self is the endless source of all creative emanation. 9-10. Keep in mind, to make this work, to make a proper connection, to avoid being confined in blinding darkness, you have to understand Self and creation. If you don’t, if you cling to ignorance and misunderstanding, or if you delight in the sophistry of “knowledge” that is not grounded in truth, you will only be drawn into darkness and disconnection. 11. If you understand this, you’ll be able to move beyond ignorance and empty knowledge and make a stronger connection. 12. The same goes for your orientation to creation (the manifest), and also to the Fabric of Consciousness (the unmanifest). Don’t worship the unmanifest or the physical world. If you do, you’ll get stuck in disconnection. Don’t get hung up on words like “the manifest” or “the unmanifest.” If you do, you’ll get stuck in disconnection. 13. Self is not equivalent to physical creation, nor is it equivalent to The Fabric. All the wise folk say this. 14. Once you understand that “It” is beyond all things, once you understand that “It” is the source of all that is, once you understand The Fabric and Physical Creation are one, you will be able to attain stronger connection. 15-17 Now let us pray, “I ask that my Spiritual Ego, my Highest Self, the spark of divinity within me, reveal to me the truth. Make me steadfast in the truth. Help me to see. Let my life breath join with your immortal breath. Let my self be connected to my Self. Help me remember what I’ve learned. Help me understand all the teachings. Lead me on a good path to prosperity. Lead me away from disjuncture and sin and show me the way to alignment.

That is The Fabric of Consciousness, This is The Fabric of Consciousness. From The Fabric, The Fabric comes out. Takingthe Fabric from the Fabric, what remains isThe Fabric.

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