The LP Connection Framework

Humans are not merely physical bodies. Humans have a soul, an atman, a Highest Self or Spiritual Ego, as we call it here. This spiritual ego is powerful, bright, and can be difficult to handle, especially when the body and mind (the Physical Unit) is damaged by Toxic Socialization.

In order to help you understand the connection process and what it entails, the LP offers LP Workbook One: The Basics, and LP Workbook Three: Connection.

LP Workbook One introduces you to basic LP concepts (like Spiritual Ego and Bodily Ego) and basic Connection Technique (like deep breathing and visualization), which you can use to initiate reconnection.

LP Workbook Three introduces you to the LP Connection Framework. This framework provides six Focus Points which you can use to help strengthen and purify your connection.

LP Workbook One

  1. Connection, the Physical Unit, the Spiritual Ego, the Bodily Ego – some basic LP concepts you need to know.
  2. Initiating Connection and Dealing with the Challenges – a short guide on initiating connection and dealing with some general spiritual challenges.
  3. Visualization Magic – visualization is a powerful spiritual and healing technique. It’s easy to do and simple to learn.
  4. Lubricating the Gears of Connection – general advice and guidance on connection
  5. The Importance of Staying Positive – the importance of staying grounded and empowered
  6. The Importance of Breathing – the importance of deep breathing
  7. How to Stay the Course – how to make sure you don’t get bumped off the path
  8. Visualizations and Affirmations from Workbook One

LP Workbook Three

  1. Introduction – Introduction to the critical concept of Connection (a.k.a. transcendence).
  2. Awakening – When we make an authentic connection, we begin to awaken.
  3. Accountability – When we begin to awaken, we must show accountability for our life and past actions.
  4. Atonement – If we have harmed others, we must atone
  5. Alignment – To make a strong and pure connection, we must constantly strive for Alignment.
  6. Activation – As we align and connect, we begin to take an active role in the co-creation of a better world
  7. Ascension – The end result of our preparatory work is a Connection Experience and, eventually, permanent union with your Highest Self
  8. Conclusion – A few closing comments.

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