Additional Connection Exploration

The Psychology of Connection Experience

  • “Quantum Change” by Miller and Baca is a book of case studies revealing and analyzing the healing and transformative power of Connection Experience, what they call quantum events or quantum change. What makes this collection particularly interesting, other than the empirical focus, is that one of the writers, William Miller, a psychologist who had been studying these things for a few years, only remembered his quantum change event after he “completed the research for this book.” One day, he says, after thinking about these “life-changing” encounters, a little lightning flash went off in his head and suddenly he remembered that he too had a profound quantum experience, “… a powerful, sudden moment of consciousness that did set me on a new course.” This experience is evidence that all people have them, but that for many and various reasons, they overlook, forget or repress them. It is an easy and useful read for anybody that has their doubts about the significance and importance of Connection Experience.

People who have had Connection Experiences

  • Pass it On is the story of Bill Willson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Pass it On is an interesting case study of Toxic Socialization leading to psychological dysfunction and addiction, and the transformative power of Connection. This book recounts Bill’s one and only Connection Experience, which instantly cured him of his alcohol addiction and activated him to help other alcoholics also cure their addiction by encouraging, in the early years, their own connection experiences. This case study is a testament to the transformative and healing power of even one-off connection experiences.


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