Introduction to Human Spirituality

Religion, human spirituality, mystical experience

Welcome to the LP course, Introduction to Human Spirituality. In this course, we take a look at the shape and contours of human spirituality.  In this course we define human religion, look at why it is important, examine where it comes from, who shapes it, and what it is used for. In this course, we also take a brief look at human spiritual/religious experience, which many scientists call mystical experience, but which we simply call Connection Experience. In this course  we look at what Connection Experience is, who has them, what they mean, why they are important, and so on.

Course Objectives

  1. Define religion and identify all those institutions in society which function as religious institutions.
  2. Understand the intersections between social class, ethnicity, gender, and religion and human spirituality.
  3. Understand what “opportunistic corruption” is, and why it is important to understanding religion.
  4. Identify the origins of our concepts of evil.
  5. Understand what connection experience is and why it is important.
  6. Engage in open, respectful, and sociologically informed discussion

*note, you can get full university credit for this course by taking this course as it exists as  Sociology 231 from Athabasca University


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