The LP Healing Framework

In order to be healthy, happy, whole human beings with a strong mind and body,  in order to stay healthy and strong, we must meet our Seven Essential Needs

Unfortunately, as a consequence of the violence, neglect, and chaos of Toxic Socialization, we end up deprived and damaged. This damage and deprivation undermines our full potential and leaves us diminished, miserable, sick, and disconnected.  In order to overcome the damage, we have to engage in an active process of emotional, psychological, and spiritual healing.

Healing is hard work. As illustrated by the LP Medicine Wheel, healing involves paying attention to the four quadrants of our being (the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) and the multiple spheres (family, community, nation, the planet) of our reality.

Healing involves more than simply taking pills, “releasing” our pain, having others work on our energy, and so on. Healing involves getting help when we need it,  creating a proper environment conducive to healing, making sure our Seven Essential Needs are satisfied,  working through any addictions we might have developed, learning to be honest with ourselves and others, and examining the toxic ideas we have absorbed as part of the socialization process we endure.

In order to facilitate your healing process, the LP offers the LP HEALING Framework. The word HEALING is an acronym for Help, Environment, Addiction, Lying, Ideology, Needs, and Growth. The HEALING Framework is designed to help you build a strong foundation for healing. The framework is elaborated in LP Workbook Two.

Note the framework is not a therapy, it is simply a collection of Focus Points you can use to help build a proper foundation for rapid healing progress, and to help guide and orient your process. A summary of the HEALING Framework is provided below. For a complete discussion, download LP Workbook Two: Healing.

LP Healing Framework

Help – Get help if you need it.
Environment – Create an environment conducive to healing
Addictions – Address any addictions
Lies – Learn to stop lying to yourself and others. Learn to tell the truth
Ideologies – Examine and remove ideas and ideology which prevent healing
Needs – Work to satisfy all your Seven Essential Needs
Growth – Begin to grow and connect

Download the LP HEALING Framework as a PDF, or read online below

Workbook Two – Healing

  1. Introduction: Why Healing? – we have all experienced Toxic Socialization, this experience has damaged and disconnected us, and so we all have healing to do.
  2. “H” is for Help – the importance of reaching out for competent help and support.
  3. “E” is for Healthy Environmment– you need healthy environments to heal within. What they are and how to achieve them.
  4. A” is for Addiction – guidance and advice on how to understand and treat addictions.
  5. “L” is for Lies – healing involves being honest with yourself, and others.
  6. “I” is for Ideology – healing involves understanding the ideology and Wrong Thought that daze and confuse.
  7. “N” is for Needs – healing and growth requires that you satisfy all your Seven Essential Needs.
  8. “G” is for Growth – putting your body and mind into Growth Mode.
  9. Conclusion: The Benefits of Health and Spiritual Connection
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