LP In a Nutshell

The Lightning Path (or simply LP for short) is a modern system of human development that provides you with the information you need in order that you might Heal and Connect more fully to the powerful Consciousness (you may say soul, atman, inner self, true self, etc.) that resides within you. In developing its model/paradigm for human development, the LP blends scientific humanism, authentic spirituality, and progressive economics into what we believe is a powerful system of healing and connection.

Scientific Humanism

Humanism is a philosophical and ethical position that emphasizes human agency, human value, and the inherent goodness of human nature. Humanists prioritize human development and the full expression of human potential and look to science to understand the human world.

The LP is humanistic to the extent that it prioritizes human needs and human values, and asserts that humans are by nature good. Humanism relies, on empirical evidence and scientific theory to help understand humans the natural order. Humanists work together to make the world a better place.

Authentic Spirituality

As defined in Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Authentic Spirituality, authentic spirituality is spirituality that connects you to “something more” than your day-to-day Normal Consciousness. Authentic spirituality teaches you how to connect and have Connection Experiences. There is nothing revolutionary about this statement. As noted in the article everybody has a connection experience, everybody has a connection experience. Establishing the internal and external conditions conducive to Connection Experience simply makes it more likely to happen.

Progressive Economics

Realization of full human potential and persistent and consistent connection requires an economic system devoted not to unfettered accumulation and private profit, but to the creation of environments and institutions that can advance human evolution and support the realization of full human potential and connection. Capitalism, while a powerful force for human progress, can only take us so far What’s more, as the unfolding ecological crises of this planet attests, Capitalism is past is “best-before” date. The only thing keeping it in place now is is a dangerous (for humanity) addiction to money. The LP book Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy (RSGME) reveals the nature of “accumulation economies” and the addictions that drive them. The RSGME offers some suggestions for moving forward towards a more progressive economic future, more compatible with the development of full human potential.

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