LP In a Nutshell

The Lightning Path (or simply LP for short) is a modern system of human development that provides you with all the information you need to heal, awaken, empower, and connect more fully to the powerful Consciousness that resides within you. The LP is sophisticated, powerful, logical, grounded, rational, intellectually and metaphorically rigorous, psychologically, sociologically, spiritually, and politically sophisticated, empirically verifiable, authentic, effective, and accessible to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, economic class, or gender.

Core Beliefs

For your information, LP theory and therapy are grounded in the  following core beliefs and values.

We believe that all beings are born healthy and whole, and that they only need proper support and care in order to develop to their full and connected potential. The Lightning Path seeks to provide guidance on what proper care and support, proper child and adolescent development, really entails.

We believe that all beings are born loving, powerful, and connected, but that over the course of years, our experiences of toxicity and violence have damaged our body, hurt our emotions, disabled our minds, and undermined our ability to make a strong connection to consciousness. The Lightning Path seeks to return individuals to the love, power, and connection that is their birthright by providing concepts and techniques to heal the body, free the mind, and reconnect to soul.

We believe that all beings deserve love and respect, but that over the course of centuries, systems of power and privilege that benefit a few but that harm the many have destroyed love, undermined respect, and placed everyone in various shades of dysfunction and disrepair. The Lightning Path seeks to return love, respect, and happiness to the individual by removing ideologies that cause division, and by teaching the importance of unconditional love, respect, and acceptance of all beings.

We believe that all beings are born equal and empathic, but that over the course of centuries,  educational desensitization,  media brainwashing, religious/cultural and gender socialization, and experiences of constant disregard and disrespect, have breed anger, resentment, hatred, and various forms of predatory behavior. The Lightning Path seeks to return individuals to the empathic equality that is their human/spiritual birth right by providing ideas and practices that align us with who we truly are.

We believe that all beings deserve prosperity and wealth, but that over the course of millennia, a System of hierarchy and control has impoverished billions, so that a few could enjoy great wealth. We at the Lightning Path seek to return the planet and its people to health, prosperity and wealth by removing the foundations of The System so that we collectively can build something new.

We believe that, through a process we call Toxic Socialization, a process which serves The System, our body and mind (our Physical Unit in LP nomenclature) is damaged, our health and well being is undermined, and our ability to connect is destroyed.  The LP seeks to identify the parameters of toxic socialization so that we can identify it in our private and public lives and institutions, and end the damaging process.

We believe that it is possible to heal the body and mind, and return to a state of authentic function, peace, and love. The LP provides healing and therapeutic practices designed to heal the damage done by toxic socialization, and restore people to a healthy, connected, and “innocent” (as represented by unsullied and undamaged infant) state.

We believe that all living beings on this planet, and the planet itself, are in a final crises. In our to save our selves from disaster, there needs to be a new scientific/spiritual paradigm that is accessible, inclusive, grounded, and non-discriminatory. By blending science and mysticism, spirituality and humanism, the Lightning Path provides that paradigm.

Core Assumptions

The LP assumes the following about human beings, their physical bodies, the Consciousness that animates those bodies, and the world upon which we all live.


  • Consciousness is awareness, pure and simple.
  • Consciousness exists sui generis, and independently of the material universe.

The Physical Unit

  • The Physical Unit is a vessel for Consciousness. The vessel is sophisticated and powerful, but delicate and easily damaged.
  • The point and purpose of life is to nurture and develop the physical unit so that it can contain high levels of Consciousness (i.e. so it can have a high Consciousness Quotient (Sosteric, 2017)).
  • In order to nurture and develop a physical unit, establish Right EnvironmentRight Thought, and Right Action.
    • protect it from harm and trauma (Right Environment),
    • meet all its emotional, psychological, spiritual, and physical needs (Right Environment),
    • educate it properly and give it ideas and archetypes which facilitate self esteem, self worth, and connection (Right Thought)
    • teach it to act in an aligned fashion (Right Action)


  • To be spiritual means to be connected to highest Consciousness, to have high CQ (Sosteric, 2017).
  • Authentic spiritual beliefs and practices are beliefs and practices designed to increase CQ and foster connection.
  • Authentic Spirituality is spirituality that connects, and that increases CQ (Sharp, 2010).

The System

  • A planetary pyramid system of power and privilege (The System) is currently in place on the planet. The System is designed to enrich and empower a few, while harming and exploiting the many. On the LP we refer to “the few” as The Family (Sharp, 2016)
  • A properly developed, empowered, and connected physical unit is anathema to the status quo, which depends on disempowered, disconnected, and robotized physical units. The System is thus designed to undermine, damage, destroy, and disconnect the Physical Unit.
  • In order to damage and disconnect the physical unit, the System subjects the human physical unit to a Toxic Socialization
    • Toxic Socialization damages and debilitates the Physical Unitand results in Normal Consciousness. Normal Consciousness is below full potential, dysfunctional, low CQ bodily consciousness.

The Lightning Path

  • The Lightning Path is a sophisticated, modern system of human development and practice. Built upon the assumptions above, the LP provides education, counseling, and mentorship aimed at healing the physical unit so it can develop fully, and attain stronger connections to higher Consciousness.
  • The goal of the LP is healing of the body and mind, and full connection with highest Consciousness.


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