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LP Core Beliefs

The following core beliefs inform LP research and development. These beliefs are not random but are based on sociological and psychological research, grounded and strengthened by the deep insight provided by stronger connection to consciousness.

We believe that all beings are born healthy and whole and that they only need proper support and care in order to develop to their full and connected potential. Read the articles Born to be Good and The Seven Essential Needs.

We believe that all beings are born powerful and connected, but that over the course of years, toxic experiences have damaged our body, hurt our emotions, disabled our minds, and undermined our ability to make a strong and consistent connection to consciousness. Read the article Toxic Socialization.

We believe that all beings are born loving and empathic, but that over the course of years, Toxic Socialization, desensitization,  brainwashing, and experiences of constant disregard and disrespect have bred anger, resentment, hatred, and various forms of predatory, even psychopathic behavior.

We believe that all beings deserve prosperity, wealth, and an environment capable of nurturing full human potential and connection, but that a system (The System) of hierarchy and control designed to enrich a few and impoverish billions stands in the way. For more on The System, read Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy.

We believe that all living beings on this planet, and the planet itself, are in crises. This crisis is caused by The System of accumulation which, owing to the increasing technological prowess of humanity, no longer offers an evolutionary or survival advantage for anyone, but is instead disadvantageous and leading us towards debacle and planetary destruction.

We believe that in order to save ourselves and this planet from disaster and debacle, The System needs to be replaced with a new scientific/spiritual/economic system. The new system needs to be based on a new paradigm of humanity that is accessible, inclusive, grounded, and non-discriminatory.

By blending science and mysticism, spirituality and humanism, the Lightning Path seeks to provide a step towards the development of such a paradigm.

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