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LP Paradigm

The Lightning Path is based on the twin foundations of modern science and modern Authentic Spirituality. The LP offers a paradigm for thinking about humanity and its place in the universe that is inclusive and grounded. The following are the root level concepts and propositions of the LP  paradigm.


The LP is founded on the notion that Consciousness (defined simply as awareness) is the primary reality, and that the physical universe and all material things are an emanation of said consciousness. Consciousness itself is theorized to exist as a Fabric of Consciousness within which exist Spiritual Egos (a.k.a. atman, monad). Spiritual egos exist sui generis and are not dependent on the physical body for their existence, though they can express through (e.g., seat themselves in, incarnate into) a physical body. When a spiritual monad incarnates into a Physical Unit, a Bodily Ego is generated. To summarize:

  • Consciousness is awareness, pure and simple
  • Consciousness exists independently of the material universe.
  • The material universe is an emanation of Consciousness.
  • The intensification of Consciousness within the Fabric of Consciousness creates spiritual egos
  • The expression of Consciousness in a physical unit creates a bodily ego.

Metaphorically, the Fabric of Consciousness can be viewed as a cosmic level Internet. Spiritual Egos (SEs) represent individual servers on the cosmic internet, while the bodily ego represents the screen through which the SE servers broadcast into the material universe. Spiritual egos serve Consciousness. The physical unit receives Consciousness and expresses that into the physical world. This “internet theory” of consciousness is outlined in brief in the paper Mysticism, Consciousness, Death

Read the “Cosmic Internet” (CI) theory of Consciousness

The Physical Unit

Consciousness exists sui generis as a Fabric of Consciousness. Within this fabric, spiritual egos exist. Spiritual egos may incarnate into the physical universe through a Physical Unit. A physical unit, specifically the human physical unit, is a physical body/vessel specifically designed to enable full expression of Consciousness. In other words, the physical unit is a vehicle for Consciousness.  In regards to the physical unit, we further postulate that:

  • The human physical unit has evolved this capacity and, given Right Environment, Right Thought, and Right Action, can easily contain and express highest consciousness.
  • While the physical unit is a sophisticated and powerful vessel for consciousness, it also sensitive and easily damaged. Toxic Socialization undermines the physical unit and damages its ability to connect.

Working Paper on
Toxic Socialization

This working paper provides a short summary of the deleterious impact of toxic socialization on the physical unit.

The negative impact
of Toxic Socialization

This published paper details the most negative impact of toxic socialization, which is depression and suicide.


Consciousness exists sui generis as a Fabric of Consciousness. The physical unit is a container for Consciousness.

When a physical unit contains high levels of Consciousness, we may say that the physical unit is connected to higher Consciousness.  With regards connection, we say that

  • A connected physical unit represents the pinnacle of evolution and human development.
  • Connection is variable and ranges from disconnected through to fully connected. The LP concepts of Consciousness Quotient captures the variability of connection.
  • Stronger connection leads to increased intelligence, increased awareness, increased understanding, and greater mental, physical, and emotional health.
  • The goal of all human activity (political, social, economic, scientific, etc.) is to create conditions conducive to strong connection.
  • A stronger connection is facilitated neurologically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually by establishing Right Environment and Right Thought, and by encouraging Right Action.

Understanding connection, stipulating the conditions conducive to connection, and encouraging and maintaining a strong connection to Consciousness is the ostensible goal of authentic spirituality, authentic psychology, authentic sociology, and indeed all authentic inquiry.

LP Workbook Three

Lightning Path Workbook Three provides guidance on establishing Right Environment and Right Action in your own living spaces.

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