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LP Theory

As noted in the introduction, the Lightning Path is based on the foundations of modern science, modern Authentic Spirituality. and progressive economics (for more on the authentic spirituality and progressive economics of the LP, see the additional reading list at the bottom of this page). Within this general context of authentic spirituality and progressive economics, the LP offers a theoretical framework for thinking about humanity and its place in nature and the universe that is inclusive, grounded, accurate, and empowering.

The LP framework is simple and built up around two concepts and one principle. When you understand the concepts and the principle, you will clearly understand the intent and goal of the LP.


Concept One: Humans are, first and foremost, beings of Consciousness.  As such, they have a reality and existence independent of physical matter.

Physical Unit

Concept Two: The human body, the human Physical Unit, is a vehicle/vessel specifically designed to enable full expression of Consciousness within the material universe.


Principle: The purpose of life, the goal of human development, is to evolve/grow/nurture a healthy physical unit capable of connecting to, handling, and fully expressing the full power and its own highest Consciousness.


It is the goal of LP to provide a fast, safe, progressive, inclusive, grounded, and sophisticated system capable of facilitating stronger connection.

To learn more about the authentic spirituality and progressive economics of the Lightning Path, read Rocket Scientists Guide to Authentic Spirituality and Rocket Scientists Guide to Money and the Economy.

Free PDF | | Book Finder
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Free PDF | | Book Finder
Status: In Print

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