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Meditations and Mantras

This page contains Lightning Path meditations (a.k.a. visualizations) and mantras gleaned from the LP book. Meditations and mantras are the “tools and techniques” that create the force and formation that you use to move forward towards awakening, activation, and stronger connection. The visualizations and mantras are generally very simple. Once you have memorized them, the sequences should take only a few seconds to perform.

Mantras and visualizations work best when repeated often and with clear images and intent in your mind. How often you repeat the visualization, and how much energy flow you visualize, will determine how much energy you draw and how fast things will manifest and change. The faster you wish to move forward, the more pressing is the task at hand, the more often you should visualize. Be sensible, however. This is not a race and you are not to force change on yourself or those who are unprepared. Go at a pace that is both comfortable and safe for both you and those around you.

These meditations and mantras are organized by level of practice, basic awakening, intermediate activation, and advanced ascension/connection practice. You are advised to start at the beginning by visiting the appropriate section.

Note, some meditations and mantras are available only to LP members. To view member-only tools, register and login.

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