This page contains Lightning Path meditations and mantras gleaned from the LP resources. Meditations and mantras are the spiritual “tools and techniques” that create the force and formation that you use to move yourself forward. The visualizations and mantras are generally very simple. Once you have memorized them, the sequence should take only a few seconds to perform.

Mantras, meditations, and visualizations work best when repeated often and with clear images and intent in your mind. How often you repeat the visualization, and how much energy flow you visualize, will determine how much energy you draw and how fast things will manifest. The faster you wish to move forward, the more pressing is the task at hand, the more often you will visualize. Be sensible, however. This is not a race and you are not to force change on yourself, or those who are unprepared. Go at a pace that is both comfortable and safe for both you and those around you.

These meditation and mantras are organized by level of practice, basic, intermediate, and advanced. It is always best if you start at the beginning, and move forward from there.



Boundary Visualizations

As I note in the The Great Awakening: Concepts and Techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice, and Lightning Path Workbook One: Introduction to Authentic Spirituality, a boundary visualization is basically a visualization you do to help protect yourself from manipulation, negativity, and assault. The easiest and most effective boundary visualization you can do is to simply visualize a ball of light around your body, your children, your family, your home, and anything else you want to protect. Make this ball bright, powerful, and impenetrable, but also, and this is important, don’t totally block yourself off. Visualize arrows of light getting in, but see darts of darkness bouncing off.

Also, be discerning about who you let into your ball. Be careful that others you bring inside have your best interests at heart. It is a sad testament to the state of our world, nevertheless it is true, that our parents, our siblings, our uncles, our friends, and even our adult children are often the ones who are the most threatening to us. If you are not sure about their intentions and their actions, leave them out. Bring them in only if they are not a threat. This is also important. The farther you advance toward awakening and enlightenment, the less you are going to be able to tolerate violation of boundaries and assaults of various forms. Until, and unless you are strong enough to stand against the maelstrom that is our modern anti-spiritual reality, cocoons and boundaries are your best bets for safe, consistent, and persistent forward movement.

To do a boundary visualization,  visualize a ball of light around your body, your children, your family, your home, and anything else you want to protect. Make this ball bright, powerful, and impenetrable, but also don’t totally block yourself off. Visualize arrows of light getting in, but see darts of darkness bouncing off. Do this boundary visualization before you go to sleep at night, when you wake up in the morning, and throughout the day whenever you remember it. 

If you like, you can setup the LP app to remind you to do your boundary visualization.

Awakening Mantras

As noted in Lightning Path Workbook One, an awakening mantra is a phrase designed to help you willfully focus on the process of spiritual awakening, i.e. pouring water into the vessel. Any phrase that helps focus you willfully focus on the initiation, process, or outcome of spiritual awakening may be considered an awakening mantra. The more precise, willful, and focused, the better the mantra” (BOOKZERO). Some examples are provided below, but if you feel you need to fine tune your intent, feel free to make up your own.

  • I wish to wake up
  • I wish to gain enlightenment
  • I wish consciousness to descend into the vessel.
  • I wish to move forward as fast and as safely (for myself and those that surround me) as possible.
  • I wish to move forward. I wish to awaken. I wish to ascend.

If you like, you can setup the LP app to remind you to do your awakening mantras and visualizations.

Awakening Visualizations

The Water Glass Visualization is a visualization that helps you draw Consciousness into the body. To do it, simply visualize your body as an empty glass and visualize water/light/consciousness pouring into “the glass” through the top of your head. Visualize it filling you up from toe to tip and then, if you want, visualize the water flowing over the edge of the glass and spilling out into the world around you. You can also modify this to be more directly, by simply visualizing light streaming into your body through your head (i.e. crown chakra) and dispersing in scintillating, diamond-like patterns, out through the various “pathways” (i.e. nerve cells, arteries, etc.) of your body. The key here is to visualize Consciousness flowing into your body. In this regard, visualizing Consciousness as either water or light works just as well.

Cleansing Visualizations

If you find yourself getting sucked down by the negativity, fear, and anger that surrounds you, or even if you notice that there is a lot of negativity, fear, and anger around you, try this cleansing visualization. It is a very simple, but very effective, way of scrapping off some of the icky glop that accumulates as we move through the toxic environments of “normal” existence.

See your body covered with a thick coating of wet, gloppy, mud. This is the mud and dirt that is slopped on you as you work and live among those who flail in darkness, confusion, and despair. Don’t let this energetic negativity drag you down. Stand up tall and strong and visualize your hands scooping this gloppy mess off. Start at your head and work down to your toes, scrapping the glop with your hands, and swiping it off your body. As you do this, as you clean more of the putrid and disgusting glop from your body, you slowly begin to reveal a beautiful, white, glowing figure. A few more strokes from your hands and all the glop is gone and you stand there strong, proud, and filled with the light of your own higher Self.  Smile, release, and repeat as necessary.


Banishment Visualization

If there is somebody in your life that you do not want to be there, perhaps because you are in danger, or perhaps because they need more help than you can provide, the following visualization will help separate them from your life path, removing the toxicity and danger, and allowing them to find a more suitable path home.

Visualize the individual or group of individuals in your minds eye. Now, visualize them slowly moving away from you. Visualize them receding into the distance, fading away until they vanish beyond the horizon of your mind’s eye.Push them away, but do so with love and compassion. Tell them that they have a different path home than you, that you longer require their assistance, and that you no longer desire nor welcome their karmic entanglements. There is nothing pernicious or negative here. This is simply an assertion of your boundaries and your right to choose who you welcome into your energetic space.






Activation Mantras

An empowerment mantra is a mantra that encourages you to be potent and powerful, centered and willful, assertive and clear about your return to power. Empowerment mantras include statements such as the following:

  • I take my power back
  • I refuse to be pushed down anymore.
  • I will use my energy and my power for my purposes only or
  • I take my power back and use it for the highest good of all of creation.

Activation Visualizations

Triumph of Spirit Power visualization
The Triumph of Spirit archetype deck (which is part of the “activation” level of LP study, contains a powerful empowerment visualization. To use this visualization, memorize the image, close your eyes, and put yourself in the picture.

Don’t worry about the people beside you; you are not harming them, you are only pushing them away so they can follow their own path without keeping you down.

Triumph of Spirit POWER archetype

Triumph of Spirit POWER archetype







Connection Mantras

Connection Visualizations

Connection is a collective thing. Not done by yourself.

The Great Invocation (whole body connection activation)

The Great Invocation (GI for short) is the basic awakening and empowerment tool of the LP. The GI is a chakra activation sequence that includes support for planetary activation. Read through the Great Invocation visualization, view the animation, and download the audio by clicking the links to the right.

Chakra Activation

When activating, it is sometimes worthwhile to work on individual chakras rather than the entire chakra system (as you do with the Great Invocation). To work on individual chakras, visualize energy flow from the chakra you wish to activate. For example, if you are looking to increase your sensitivity and awareness of the environment you live in, for example, prolonged (days or weeks) focus and visualization of third eye activation can help. Be careful here though. The last thing you want to do is develop your physical unit out of balance since developing out of balance can lead to serious difficulties and consequences. For example, developing your sensitivity to the environment, without also developing your sense of power and master (solar chakra) can leave you vulnerable and easily hurt. Individual chakra activation is useful for therapeutic purposes, but over the long term balanced chakra activation is the key.

Opening a Channel

To open a channel to your guide network (or to any point in the Fabric), visualize a connection of some sort. The easiest, and therefore most powerful, visualization is to visualize an energy pipe starting from your brain center and passing through your skull up into the spiritual world. Simply see a tube exiting your skull. See the pipe as it exits your skull widen and expand into a huge cosmic funnel where energy flows. Then, see the cosmic energy flowing into your physical unit through a narrow “point of contact” into your skull. From there the energy/information flows into your brain and central nervous system (CNS). Focus in on the energy and notice how it enlivens your entire nervous system. As the energy enters, your brain lights up, your nerves sparkle with energy, and your body glows with the light and power flowing through you. Now, as you visualize this scene in your head, notice how you can control the flow of energy. You can squeeze the energy flow and cut yourself off from the funnel that connects you to the Fabric of Consciousness, or you can speed up the energy flow and even expand the funnel at the top to encompass the entire universe and beyond. There is no limit to how wide that funnel can become, and no external control over the process. You turn the spigot on or off. You specify the energy flow. You control how wide or narrow the channel is (Sharp, GA).





Third Party Visualization

It is possible to use any of the visualization on this page to assist another person heal, awaken, activate, and connect. If you want to work with someone’s crown chakra, for example, stimulate the crown by visualizing energy flow. Similarly, if you wanted to work on somebody’s heart (chakra), visualize energy flow through their heart.

Note, you should generally have permission before you start manipulating the energy system of another human being. .

Also, you shouldn’t manipulate another’s energy system unless you know what you are doing (e.g. you have some training), and unless you’re around to help with the process (i.e. you are there therapist or healer). Skeptics may disagree, but we know for a fact, mantras, visualizations, and chakra manipulations can have a tremendous impact. That impact can be positive, but it can also be negative and disruptive to the point where you are doing more damage than good. Always remember, you are messing with people’s mind and body here.








[1] Michael Sharp, Lightning Path Book Zero – Introduction to Spirituality, Lightning Path Lesson Series, vol. 0 (St. Albert, Alberta: Lightning Path Press, 2016), Michael Sharp, The Great Awakening: Concepts and Techniques for Successful Spiritual Practice (St. Albert, Alberta, Canada: Lightning Path Press, 2007).

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