In optometry, the number 2020 represents perfect vision. When you have 2020 vision, you see things clearly. It is the same for the year 2020. The year 2020 is the year of perfect vision, and final choice. From the lowest and most insignificant to the richest and most powerful, in 2020, we all have a simple choice to make. Are we going to do the right thing so we can save our lives, our families, and this planet, or not?

This is not a complicated choice or a confusing choice. But just in case you are not clear on the choice, let me spell it out for you. The planet is in political, economic, and ecological crises and if we don’t do something to save it, civilization as we know it will end. Humans won’t be gone, of course, but there will be a lot less of them, and the societies that form won’t be very pleasant. It’s like I said all those years ago, either we will go the way of Atlantis, an oft-reported previous attempt to raise a Pinnacle Species to full maturation, or we will overcome “the darkness” (i.e. ignorance and Disconnection) and move forward as a species capable of, amongst other things, longevity and interplanetary travel.

That is the choice that we, as a species, face. That is the choice that you, as a living, breathing, human being face.

However big your name is, whomever you think you are, your choice in 2020 is simple.

Will you put your own ego and self-interest, your own consumerism and privilege, your own ego and power, above the survival of the planet, or will you do the right thing?

Will you continue to plug yourself into The Matrix, or will you unplug and begin the process of  Healing and reConnection required if you  are to awaken, activateascend, and re-enter the lands of the living.

That’s the year, the decade really, ahead.

That’s the choice for you.

Do the right thing for the planet and its species, or continue to lie, cheat, steal, exploit, and over-consume.

If you decide to do the right thing, then great. I can tell you, it won’t be easy. If you decide to do the right thing in 2020, you are going to experience a lot of resistance, anger, and even violence from the sleepy heads around you who are afraid of change, angry at their oppression, and being manipulated by the billionaire elites and their kow towing  wannabees. You are going to want to be sensible about what you do, and you are going to want to look for solidarity with those truly awakening around you. You are going to want to protect yourself and build cocoons where you can. You are going to want to engage in self-care. Don’t take the whole world on your shoulder, but do something to change the world. Start with your family, and move outwards from there. It might be a struggle at first, and you might be able to manage only the smallest of changes initially, but if you are patient and if you keep pushing, you will make progress forward. Keep at it and before you know it , told ya so, we’ll have a big utopian show.

On the other hand, if you decide to continue to pretend, if you choose to walk around with your hatred and greed on full display, if you continue to allow yourself to be led around by the nose, if you carry on “business as usual,” what can I say? I’m not going to threaten you with BS tails of karma and damnation, because that stuff doesn’t exist. No matter what you might have been taught, God does not keep a record book of all your transgressions, and you are not sent off to the “bad place” to chum around with Ted Danson no matter how many people you hurt. The universe just does not work that way. If you are a bad person, then when you die, you just pick a new body, if one is available, and try again. That is all there is to it.

That said, just like skating on thin ice, there will be consequences for your failure to change. These consequences will center around the growing experience of Disjuncture you will experience as the  “vibration” of this planet inevitably ascends. I can tell you, it will not be pleasant for you. Indeed, let me warn you, it is going to become downright painful. The more you resist, the more you give in to greed, the more you submit to self-delusion, the more you spew anger and hatred towards others, the harder it is going to be for you. Eventually, the “room” is going to get so hot, and your fear, self-loathing, hatred, and shame will be so great, you are going to need stupifying drugs and alcohol just to get through your day. It is going to feel like hell for you. Indeed, the toxic neurochemical soup generated by your Disjuncture and negativity will eat you up from the inside out, fast. It will make you sick. It will deplete your energy. It will damage your neurons. It will expose you to risk. It will make you miserable and depressed. It may even shorten your life.

I’m here to say though, it doesn’t have to be that way. The trick to freeing yourself from emotional and psychological bondage, the trick to avoiding the ascending crescendo of disjuncture, is simple. Just be open and honest with yourself and others. Quit listening to propagandists on 4chan and Facebook. Quit plugging yourself into anger and hatred. Quit listening to the delusional corporate media outlets and their armies of system apologists. Take a look at the reality of your actions and the actions of those around you. Enlighten yourself about  The System. Learn what Authentic Spirituality really is. Open yourself to your Highest Self and embrace all the beautiful and difficult truths that you have to embrace as you choose the right path back home.

To get started, simply recite the following affirmation as many times as you can remember, every day for the next few months or so.

I wish to wake up. I wish to move forward. I wish to go home.

I wish to wake up. I wish to move forward. I wish to go home.

I wish to wake up. I wish to move forward. I wish to go home.

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