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Case Study – Cannabis Changes a Life

Positive outcomes and life transformation as a consequence of the use of cannabis.

About a year ago I was discussing the use of Cannabis for pain with an individual whose spouse experienced chronic pain. Although skeptical at the time, nevertheless he tried it out. While their spouse gained no specific benefit and in fact resisted the use of Cannabis, I suspect owing to misuse and abuse in adolescence, he did in fact try it out. When I asked how it went he said, without hesitation, “oh my life has totally changed. I stopped drinking, I’m not angry anymore, I’m more relaxed about things, and I have a much better view of the big picture.” He then went on to say how he was so impressed he is even introducing friends to it. The only complaint was the smoke. I pointed out that there were alternatives, specifically medical-grade cannabis oils and sprays.  These sprays are easier to dose, have a “cleaner” feel, have longer duration, and don’t come with the smoke and tar that burning vegetation does. We briefly discussed the “next step” which was to use slightly more powerful Connection Supplements like psilocybin.

What’s most interesting about this case study is how completely positive the person’s experience was. No fear, no paranoia, no negative thought patterns, nothing. We didn’t get into the specifics of their experiences, but it is safe to say that a year of use generated enough insight and awareness to completely shift his life course and change his perspective on things. To be sure, it’s only the first step in the journey, but it is significant progress within a relatively short duration of time.

Of course, as with all connection supplements, Nadir Experiences can occur. If they do occur, best not to struggle in isolation. Seek guidance from a trusted and professional Connection Coach.  Often the difference between struggling with negativity, fear, and paranoia, and simple clearing is a few words from someone knowledge in the theory and use of connection supplements.

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3 months ago

So true. And a really good thing the dark veil of cannabis/psilocybin taboo has started lifting.