Everybody has a Connection Experience

This is a scholarly article also published in Spirituality Studies. Let's face it, these hidden laws [of mysticism] are hidden, but they are only hidden by [your] own ignorance. And the word mystical is just arrived at through people's ignorance. There's nothing...

“I” is for Ideology

This post is excerpted from Lightning Path Workbook Two: Healing. To get started on your journey of healing and connection, visit the main page. In the last unit, we took a look at the problem of lying. There we learned about the pervasive problem and how this is...

Quantum Change

This week’s reading is “Quantum Change” by Miller and Baca. In LP terms, this is a book of case studies revealing and analyzing the healing and transformative power of Connection Experience

Transformational Change

Connection experiences can be small and incremental, but they can also be powerful, transformative, and lead to life-changing outcomes. Psychologists call this “transformational change.” Read all about it in this week’s reading.

The Power of Visualization

Visualization is an important psychological, emotional, and spiritual technique. Find out how visualization can help you begin your connection process.

“L” is for Lies

“L” is for all the lying we do to ourselves and to others. Want to heal and connect? Best stop.

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