Native American Connection Supplements

Huston Smith was a religious studies scholar in the United States with an interest in Connection Supplements. In this book, he provides a long list of testimonials to the healing and connecting power of Peyote, a Native American Connection Supplement.

Navigating reConnection

This article is excerpted from Triumph of Spirit Book Two: New and Old Energy Archetypes. This book explains archetypes, creation templates, and gives you the tools you need to remove mental limitations, reprogram your brain, and transform yourself and your world....

The Seven Essential Needs

Healthy human development requires the satisfaction of our SEVEN ESSENTIAL HUMAN NEEDS, including physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem/power, alignment, and connection needs.

LP Alignment Rule Set

Alignment Rule Sets, like the Ten Commandments or the Eight Fold Path, have been around for centuries. The LP offers a modern and up to date rule set suitable for guiding you towards strong and pure connection.

Rethinking psychedelics

Here are some articles on the healing and connecting properties of LSD, psilocybin, and other  Connection Supplements of longer duration and deeper penetration. Feel free to suggest resources in the comments section.

Marijuana Reconsidered

Carl Sagan had a lot of nice things to say about Cannabis. In this crazy world increasingly spiraling out of control, maybe it’s time for us to listen.

Connection Steps

Lightning Path Connection Steps – the steps you need to take in order to achieve pure, powerful, and persistent connection

Human development, child development, sensitive periods

It is an established fact of human development that there are sensitive periods during which the human is more susceptible to damage caused by stress.  Indeed, it is a well established biological fact that stress messes all life forms up. Even worms are susceptible. I...

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