We are just going to come out and say it; cannabis is a healing herb. In one study, 97% of opioid users were able to decrease or stop using these addictive substances altogether with the help of the healing herb. Cannabis consumption is also correlated with a decline in alcohol consumption. As research continues to pour in, we are learning that cannabis can help not just with addiction, but PTSD, depression, pain, and potentially even diseases like cancer. What is more remarkable than all that, cannabis can heal brain damage and potentially make you smarter, if used properly. Cannabis encourages neurogenesis, which is the creation and connection of new nerve cells. Unlike the racist and rigged studies of the 1960s, modern research, i.e. research without conservative political agendas, continues to demonstrate its “magical” properties.

As research continues to pour in, many indoctrinated citizens of The System will continue to be surprised by the “magical” benefits of the herb. Of course, none of this would be a surprise to the indigenous populations of the world whose shamans have been using “sacred” substances like cannabis for centuries in ceremonies and rituals designed to heal and connect (P. T. Furst 1972; Harner 1973). One ethnobotanist by the name of Richard Evans Schultes identified 80 different hallucinogenic species that were used in healing and connection rituals (P. Furst 1974). It is good that the “modern” world is starting to catch up.

As the world continues to wake up, throw off conservative superstition, and transform, at some point, the question is going to arise, how on earth can a single substance have so many wonderful properties? The answer is simple—it doesn’t—not by itself anyway. Rather, cannabis is a facilitator. It is a Connection Supplement that helps you connect to higher levels, to greater concentrations, of Consciousness. Cannabis opens a connection to higher levels of Consciousness, your “soul” or “atman,” if you like. This higher self, this atman, is more intelligent, more compassionate, and much stronger than the little self of your normal, daily consciousness. When you use cannabis to connect, you connect to this higher self. It is this powerful, intelligent, capable higher self that drives the healing process. It does this not in a mystical, magical way, but primarily through the enhanced insight and awareness that comes when you make a stronger connection. When you make a connection to this smarter, capital “Y” You that is inside, you see, understand, and realize things better; it is this insight, realization, and understanding that drives the healing and neurogenesis process.

For example, consider cannabis as an exit drug and possible cure for alcoholism. When you ingest cannabis, you connect to this higher self inside you. As a consequence, over time (and it does take time, because sometimes the healing and reorganization that is required is extensive), you begin to see things more clearly. You see the impact of alcohol on your health. You see the impact on your family. You realize some of the reasons (perhaps childhood abuse, perhaps adolescent trauma) you started drinking to begin with. As you begin to see and realize, you slowly begin to understand and make necessary changes. As you do, your emotions start to heal, your brain starts to rewire, and you gradually lose your attachment to alcohol.

Do you need Cannabis to affect such a cure? No. Sometimes “connection” can happen spontaneously, and you can be instantly cured, as for example Bill Wilson, the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous who was instantly cured of his alcoholism after a single connection event (Alcoholics Anonymous 1984). You can also engage in various established Connection Practices, like shamanistic drumming, or Zazen, or whatever, to facilitate connection. These sorts of practices can be slow, however, and they are easier to subvert. Cannabis, on the other hand, is fast and dosage is easy to control, particularly when using medical grade supplies. It’s also a lot gentler than some alternatives out there, so it is a great option when you are just getting started and you just want to get moving.

Of course, cannabis is not not a perfect, magical cure. No connection supplement can be. Although making a connection increases the potential for insight and healing, a lot depends on the type of ideas and archetypes in your brain, the depth of the illness and trauma you are dealing with, and any emotions like fear, guilt, and shame that may be present and that can interfere with or block connection. Having good support around you is also important, as is seeking competent professional help when indicated. However, if you are persistent with your practice and open and honest with yourself, if you seek to reduce toxicity in your life, and if you move yourself towards positive support networks, eventually, usually sooner rather than later, your mind begins to see more clearly, your body begins to heal, and your reality begins to shift. It doesn’t matter whether the issue is addiction, or PTSD, or depression, or whatever. Increased awareness and insight always helps you heal.

Now, a lot more could be said about how to use connection supplements to facilitate healing, but one very important thing you have to be aware of is the importance of your intent. If you just smoke a blunt and sit back and chill, you may gain insight and enlightenment, but then again, you may just settle back into couch potato status and buzz your way through reality. That’s a wasteful use of the sacred herb. The “key” to using these substances, heck, the key to all your forward progress whether you use sacred connection supplements or not, is intent. With connection supplement in hand, just before you ingest, ask yourself, what exactly do you want to get out of the connection you induce? Do you want insights on your trauma? Then say that. Say, “I want insight on my trauma.” Do you want help with an addiction? Then say that. Say, “I want help with my addiction.” Do you just want to chill and relax? Then say that. Say, “I just want to chill and relax.” Ask yourself what it is you are looking for, and verbalize that in an intent statement. Then and only when you are clear about what you want to receive, make your connection and get ready.

As a final word, we should say, cannabis is extremely safe, and its duration, about 90 minutes when smoked, makes it a perfect therapeutic tool, either used on your own or in sessions with a Connection Coach. Nevertheless, there are risks, paranoia being one of the primary ones. You can mitigate the risk of experiencing a negative connection experience (a Nadir Experience) when you are first starting out by ensuring you are in a safe space, ensuring you have some trusted assistance and guidance close by, and ensuring you are clear and forceful with your intent. If you do have a negative experience, don’t be afraid of that experience. If you have a negative experience, this is invariably because you are coming face-to-face with your own fears, anxieties, misconceptions, and “old energy” archetypes. The best way to deal with those “vapourous vapes” is to simply face them, and then talk about them later, either with a trusted friend or family member, on the LP forums, or with a connection coach. Once you understand and clear those fears, anxieties, and misconceptions, they lose their force and eventually simply go away.

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