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The Lightning Path is a sophisticated system of human development, a complicated and grounded blending of science and mysticism designed to help you transform yourself, your life, and this world for the better. The system consists of interlinked concepts, ideas, practices, and resources designed to help and connect. Specifically, the LP helps you heal your physical unit so you can awaken, activate, and ascend (i.e. connect) to a more conscious and powerful You.

This page provides a basic orientation to the Lightning Path as well as your main study guide. Start with the orientation and follow along from there. There is lots of information, so take your time, especially when you get to the more advanced levels. If you get stuck, subscribe to LP Emails (see site footer) or visit the LP Forums.


To get started on your journey, first learn more about the Lightning Path, what we believe, and what we stand for. To learn more, the LP in a nutshell page provides a basic overview of our approach, and the LP theoretical statement tells you exactly what we believe, and why we think it is important.

Note, this theoretical orientation is optional. Feel free to skip this and move on to LP Workbook One. You can always come back later.

Workbook One

Lightning Path Workbook One

LP Workbook One - Basic Concepts is a gentle introduction to basic Lightning Path concepts like connection, bodily ego, spiritual ego, toxic socialization, etc., and basic LP practices like visualization, breathing, and positive and empowered intent. In Workbook One learn the nature of enlightenment, how to initiate healing and connection, and how to handle some of the initial obstacles and pitfalls that might block your progress or knock you off the path.

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Workbook Two

Lightning Path Workbook Two

A look at the Lightning Pat itself. What it is, where it originated, how it was developed, its moral, ethical and scientific principles, and challenges and pitfalls along the way. Not to be missed. Introduces several key LP concepts like archetypes, agents of consciousness, clearing experience, consciousness quotient, disjuncture, EPMO, glimpse, zenith/nadir experiences, signal emotions, spiritual appliance, etc.

ETA: 2019-03-28



On this planet, we all endure what we call a Toxic Socialization process. Toxic socialization is a violent and neglectful socialization process that causes extensive emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual trauma to your Physical Unit. This damage subverts connection and makes expression of your Highest Self difficult. Put another way, this trauma undermines your full human potential and makes you physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually ill, sometimes even to the point of suicide. 

Thus, the first step on your journey home is to engage in a healing process. Healing isn’t as hard as you think, particularly if you have a good framework, good understanding, and are smart enough to make healthy choices. The LP HEALING framework provides guidance on how to understand and approach the healing process. Visit the HEALING page to get started.


Once you have started your healing process you can also begin to connect. Connection. On the Lightning Path, we see connection (more technically correct, reconnection) as a process of connecting to your Highest Self, atman, or soul, as it is understood in the West.  If you see your highest self as water and your body like a water glass, then connection can be conceived simply as the process of pouring water into the glass.

When it comes to understanding and accomplishing connection, there is much to learn, unlearn, and do. In order to make what would otherwise feel complicated and overwhelming, we break the process down into three phases, awakening, activation (a.k.a. empowerment), and ascension (i.e. persistent/strong connection). Find out more about each of these steps by visiting our connection page.


  • Note, the LP is still under heavy construction and will be so until at least 2020. You will still find useful information here, but content is still being developed, and presentation and navigation are still a little rough.

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