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The Lightning Path is a sophisticated system of human development, a complicated and grounded blending of science and mysticism designed to help you transform yourself, your life, and this world for the better. The system consists of interlinked concepts, ideas, practices, and resources designed to help you heal, awaken, activate, and ascend to a more conscious and connected condition of existence.

This quick start page is here to help you orient and get started. It provides a basic orientation to the Lightning Path so you know exactly what this is all about, as well as information on the Four Steps, which are healing, awakening, activation, and ascension.  The four steps are organized in ascending order of challenge, but don’t feel like you have to approach this in a linear fashion. In fact, we advise you jump in and swim around, moving back and forth as guided. Trust your Self and follow your intuition through the materials.  If you have questions or want to go deeper, visit the online forums.


To get started on your journey, first learn more about the Lightning Path, what we believe, and what we stand for. To learn more, the LP in a nutshell page provides a basic overview of our approach, and the LP theoretical statement tells you exactly what we believe, and why we think it is important.


On this planet, we all endure what we call a Toxic Socialization process. Toxic socialization is a violent and neglectful socialization process that causes extensive emotional, psychological, physical, and spiritual trauma to your Physical Unit, and makes development, connection, and expression of your Highest Self difficult. This trauma undermines our full human potential, subverts our ability to connect, and makes us physically, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually ill even to the point of suicide. 

The first step on your journey home is to engage in a healing process. The LP HEALING framework provides guidance on how to approach the process. Visit the HEALING page to get started.


On this planet, we all endure endless lie, indoctrination, and confusion (just ask Rosanne Barr). From the hypocrisy of our parents and the confusion of our teachers, to the seemingly endless dissembly of our politicians, media moguls, and hierophants, nothing is as it seems and everything is confusion.  It is a toxic sludge slopped over us since our birth, asphyxiating us slowly until we die.

Awakening is the process of scrapping of the toxic sludge so you can see and breathe again. It is a process of education and intuitive development that leads, in short order, to clarity and enlightenment. The LP can’t meet all your awakening needs, but it can help orient you, point you in the right direction, and innoculate you against further deception. Visit the AWAKENING page to get started.


For reasons that become clear once you have gone through the healing and awakening materials, on this planet, we are deactivated and disempowered. From the moment we are born to the last painful seconds of our disempowered life, our autonomy and power are subverted through implantation of archetypes designed to diminish us and incessant attacks on our self-esteem. As adolescents, we may reject and rebel against the imposition of The System, but under the current old energy regime, we inevitably settle in and conform.

Activation is the process of reactivating your power so you can change and transform. Activation is one part visualization, one part intent, and four parts mental reprogramming. To help with reactivation, in particular, the reprogramming part, the LP provides the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) which you can use to reprogram and transform. Visit the ACTIVATION page to get started.


The goal of making us sick, filling us with lie, and deactivating us from our power is to disconnect us from our Highest Self so as to enslave us to this planet’s wheel. When disconnected, disempowered, and sick, we are diminished and easy to control. Just watch the activities of any authoritarian politician to see how easy it is done.

Ascension is the process of reconnecting to your Highest Self. Ascension is accomplished primarily via desire and intent, like waking up in the morning. You say to yourself I want to connect, and the process begins to occur.  Note that connection can be a significant challenge, and can lead to pathology and ego explosion, especially if you attempt it before making some progress on healing, awakening, and activation, so be cautious and aware as you take this final step. When you are ready to get started, visit the ASCENSION page to get started.

  • Note, the LP is still under heavy construction and will be so until at least 2020. You will still find useful information here, but content is still being developed, and presentation and navigation are still a little rough.

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