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The Lightning Path is a sophisticated system of human development, a complicated and grounded blending of science and mysticism designed to help you transform yourself, your life, and this world for the better. The system consists of interlinked concepts, ideas, practices, and resources designed to help you Heal and Connect. Specifically, the LP helps you heal your Physical Unit so you can awaken, activate, and ascend (i.e. connect) to a more conscious and powerful You.

This page provides a basic orientation to the Lightning Path as well as your main study guide. Start with the orientation and follow along from there. There is lots of information, so take your time, especially when you get to the more advanced levels. If you get stuck, subscribe to LP Emails (see site footer) or visit the LP Forums.

Note, the LP is still in heavy development and will be for the next couple years. Feel free to jump on board early, just be patient with the construction.

Drip Lessons

If you like, subscribe to LP Drip Lessons. Drip lessons are email lessons sent every three days for orientation, and then every week after that. They help you keep focused on the LP, and give you additional guidance and a big picture overview. Lessons are broken down by workbook meaning you have to subscribe to each workbook to get the associated email lessons. We don’t sell or share your information and you can unsubscribe at any time. Note, all LP Workbooks are free to the public, once they reach final draft mode. More advanced drip lessons are available only to LP students.


To get started on your journey, first learn more about the Lightning Path, what we believe, and what we stand for. The LP in a nutshell page provides a basic overview of our approach. The LP theoretical statement tells you exactly what we believe, and why we think it is important.

Once you’ve gone through the theoretical orientation, read the introductory lesson booklet, or signup for email delivery.

* You can subscribe to orientation and Workbook One lessons by visiting the front page of this site.

Workbook One

Lightning Path Workbook One

LP Workbook One - Basic Concepts is a gentle introduction to basic Lightning Path concepts like connection, bodily ego, spiritual ego, toxic socialization, etc., and basic LP practices like visualization, breathing, and positive and empowered intent. In Workbook One learn the nature of enlightenment, how to initiate healing and connection, and how to handle some of the initial obstacles and pitfalls that might block your progress or knock you off the path.

Free PDF

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Workbook Two

Lightning Path Workbook Two

Lightning Path Workbook Two – Healing. The LP helps you HEAL and CONNECT. LP Workbook Two offers you the LP HEALING Framework. The LP Healing Framework takes you deep into the healing process by teaching you what you need to pay attention to and what you need to do to move forward towards mental, emotional, and physical health so you can pursue strong a strong and pure connection.

ETA: 2019-03-28

Workbook Three

Lightning Path Workbook Three

Lightning Path Workbook Three - Connection is a deep dive into the psychology and authentic spirituality of connection. In this workbook learn the LP Connection Framework and how it can help you awaken, activate, and make a strong and clear connection with your Highest Self.

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Workbook Four

Lightning Path Workbook Four

Lightning Path Workbook Four - Archetypal Study helps with the establishment of aligned/right thought. LP Workbook Four introduces you to the powerful Triumph of Spirit Archetype System (TOSAS) to excise old energy archetypes and reprogram your mind so you can heal and connect faster. For convenience of study you can browse the entries of this book, and the other TOSAS books, online at the Triumph of Spirit Archetype System website.

PDF free to LP students

Workbook Five

Lightning Path Workbook Five

Lightning Path Workbook Five: Foundations of Chakra and Kundalini Activation lays the final foundation stones for your healing/connection process by providing a detailed analysis and presentation of your body's sophisticated energy system. In this workbook book learn about chakras, kundalini, and how to "clear the pipes" and get the energy flowing fast and pure. The final step in your healing and reconnection process.

PDF free to LP students

Workbook Six

Lightning Path Workbook Six

Lightning Path Workbook Six – Initiation is a series of essays outlining the emotional and psychological challenges of authentic spiritual connection, and how you can best deal with them. What happens when you connect with Highest Self? What happens when you have a weak and damaged ego? How can you deal with the challenges and pitfalls that arise? An essential resource for the student who successfully connects.

PDF free to LP students

Workbook Seven

Lightning Path Workbook Seven

Lightning Path Workbook Seven – Introduction to the Lightning Path is a series of essays outlining the origins, purpose, nature, scope, principles, and ethics of the Lightning Path. This final workbook in the LP series gives you a window into the scientific and spiritual core of the LP and situates it amongst the general spiritual and scientific frames of this planet. If you have questions about what the LP is and where it came from, this workbook provides all the answers.

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  • Note, the LP is still under heavy construction and will be so until at least 2020. You will still find useful information here, but content is still being developed, and presentation and navigation are still a little rough.

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