This is an article by George N. Lundskow who is a sociologist of religion. This article is an attempt to offer Neopagan spiritualities up as what on the LP we would call Authentic Spirituality but what he calls Progressive Spirituality.  Lundskow recognizes that traditional religions are arms of the ruling class, part of what we would call the Means of Compliance.  But, for him, a progressive spirituality is different, and necessary, and should lead to Emancipation from the enslavement and oppression of The System, development of a sense of community, improvement of material conditions, equitable sharing of benefits and responsibilities of modern society (i.e. socialism), a satisfactory nomos, etc.

This is an interesting attempt to inject a much-needed spiritual sensibility into Marxism, but ultimately the attempt fails because Lundskow is unaware of Connection Experience and its significance to Authentic Spirituality. Connection is the authentic core of authentic spirituality and it is from Connection that all the other benefits that Lundskow suggests would be an outcome of progressive spirituality, like emancipation, would flow. Without connection, Marxist spirituality would be at best contrived and at worst a dismal contributor to disjuncture. The attempt also fails because Neopagan religions a) have a limited understanding of the nature of Connection, b) retain many Old Energy Archetypes and thus, while a significant improvement over traditional religions like Catholicism, nevertheless cannot function as a fully Authentic Spirituality.

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