In our study of archetypes, we learn that archetypes organize our thinking and guide our behaviours. But where to archetypes come from? From parents, from religions, and from schools! In this famous article, Jean Anyon, reveals not only the source of at least some of our archetypes but also the Social Class nature of same.  As it turns out, the ideas you learn about life, the ways we work and behave, are different depending on the amount of money you have. Those from the working classes learn “working class” archetypes and working-class ways of existing, which include following the rules, doing rote assembly-line style tasks,  and kowtowing to authority. The children in middle classes schools learn middle-class ideas and archetypes. They learn to think a little bit for themselves, and they learn to understand the rules, but by and large they are taught to accept the status quo as unchangeable and “just the way it is.” Middle-class school train people to be middle-level bureaucrats and managers.  In the middle classes, critical thought and creativity is discouraged as students are prepared for a life of administrative drudge. Finally, in executive/ruling/elite schools, children are taught the skills they need to control systems, like governments, corporations, and even whole economies. Unlike all other class levels, they are taught to act autonomously and under their own administrative direction, making the necessary rules as they go. The future bureaucrat and corporate executives learn that their opinion matters even more than the right answer! As with the working and middle classes, creativity is discouraged. But unlike the lower classes who are taught to follow the rules, executives are taught loyalty to the System and to the power, wealth, and control that it brings. The point isn’t to wag fingers, however; the point is to simply point out, the ideas and archetypes you recieve depend on your class. This is important to understand if you want to properly heal and connect.

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