Connection Experience is the Lightning Path term for mystical experience. What is a connection experience? On the Lightning Path, we say it is Connection with The Fabric of Consciousness.  This scholarly article by Dossey (2010) provides a list of examples of unconscious and weak (i.e. constricted) forms of Connection, like Guide CommunicationTrance Channeling and Automatic Writing (see Constricted Communication).

This article is not entirely accurate from an LP perspective; for example, we reject the sociologically naive “Filter Model”  the author suggests is the reason why so many have a problem with connection and instead see inability to connect as a function of damage caused by Toxic Socialization. We also reject his suggestion that “negative hallucinations” explain why some people resist connection and instead point to elite ideology, in particular, Old Energy Archetypes and ideology, as the primary source of both the keyhole and “the stuffing.”  Finally, we reject his statement that there are “no sure-fire formulas for loosening of the brain’s filter function” and instead point to the LP Healing Framework and LP Connection Frameworks as a methodology for healing damage and improving connection.

Despite the flaws, nevertheless, it is interesting to see real academics playing with the idea of Consciousness independent of the physical brain, and with the problem of accessing and connection. The article is available online here. For further analysis and highlights, login and download the annotated version below.



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