Recommended Books

This page includes the LP Student reading list. This is a list of book recommendations that help deepen your understanding of Authentic Spirituality and the healing, awakening, activation, ascension, and Connection that occurs. You can read any of these books whenever so inclined, but understand, they’ll make more sense once you’ve completed at the basic LP curriculum Before approaching these texts, make sure to work your way through at least LP Workbooks One through Three.

Winners Take All  – If you’ve ever wondered what the heck is going on on planet Earth, here’s a piece of the puzzle. In this book, Anand Giridharadas, a card-carrying member of the global elite, exposes the remarkable hypocrisy and stunning arrogance of a group of people so addicted to money and power and so delusional in their own self-satisfied sense of superiority, that they will literally destroy the planet to “win it all.” The most remarkable thing about this story is that these arrogant putzs have convinced themselves that they are actually humanity’s saviours! “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World” is a remarkable and alarming tale of greed, graft, addiction, and mental illness at the highest levels of our global society, by an insider who has benefitted from it all. The book is a revelatory testament to the power of guilt and shame and the lengths the elites will go through to ensure they don’t feel it at all, no matter how deserved they may be.

“Quantum Change” by Miller and Baca is a book of case studies revealing and analyzing the healing and transformative power of Connection Experience, what they call quantum events or quantum change. What makes this collection particularly interesting, other than the empirical focus, is that one of the writers, William Miller, a psychologist who had been studying these things for a few years, only remembered his quantum change event after he “completed the research for this book.” One day, he says, after thinking about these “life-changing” encounters, a little lightning flash went off in his head and suddenly he remembered that he too had a profound quantum experience, “… a powerful, sudden moment of consciousness that did set me on a new course.” This experience is evidence that all people have them, but that for many and various reasons, they overlook, forget or repress them. It is an easy and useful read for anybody that has their doubts about the significance and importance of Connection Experience.

The book Create Your Personal Sacred Text is a Connection Manua written by psychologist and family therapist, Bobbi L. Parish. The manual takes a gentle approach to the expansion of Connection. In this book, Parish recommends a research-oriented connection practice (i.e. looking into the sacred texts of this world for inspiration), and discusses the importance of intent, discipline, focus, personal care, perseverance, flexibilities, openness to things outside our comfort zones, and the development of what she calls Receptive Seeking as a way to heal connection. This manual is useful for those who are frightened by the prospect of Connection, who have had Nadir Experiences that make them wary, or those who prefer a softer approach to the expansion of Connection than is provided by visualizations like the Great Invocation, or the use of Connection Supplements.


A Century of Spin by Miller and Dinan. This book on the mass media is an absolutely essential introduction to PR, marketing, and the manipulation of mass consciousness. Put another way, it shows quite clearly how corporations and the elite mess with your head and make you think things that are totally not in your self-interest. There’s a strong sociological element in this book which looks at social class and how the elite use the mass media to manipulate your ideas of things. William Dinan has recently released this manuscript on and so it is included here for your reading pleasure. For total Satori and complete moksha (i.e., awakening and liberation), read this along with Rocket Scientists’ Guide to Money and the Economy. Enjoy.

Pass it On is the story of Bill Willson, founder of Alcoholics Anonymous. Pass it On  is an interesting case study of Toxic Socialization leading to psychological dysfunction and addiction, and the transformative power of Connection. This book recounts Bill’s one and only Connection Experience, which instantly cured him of his alcohol addiction and activated him to help other alcoholics also cure their addiction by encouraging, in the early years, their own connection experiences. This case study is a testament to the transformative and healing power of even one-off connection experiences.

A Foucault Primer is an introductory book on Foucault. Foucault was a french philosopher who wrote extensively about human ideas and how these ideas are situated within networks of power, controlled by powerful actors, and used to control human thought and action. He discusses power, discourse, Subjugated Knowledgeas and other essential concepts and tools useful to those wanting to dive deep into the study of Archetypes, Creation Templates, and the reconstruction of human utopia.

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