On this page find additional resources and materials, including articles written by LP professionals and students, and outside articles and readings to help with the healing and connection process.

Being nice to become an alpha male

Here is a short little article from an Asian newspaper that reports on ten years worth of research at Minnesota's Jane Goodall Institute Center for Primate Studies. This study shows that "alphas" are not typically the "bully type," but in fact use multiple...

Addiction to money

What’s wrong with the world today? Lots of different things, that’s true, but addiction to money is at the center. Addiction to money distorts human society and destroys human life. It’s time to wake up and get some help.

Are bullies alpha males or sick puppies?

An article about healing and awakening. If you’re a typical “alpha type,” and if you use concepts like “alpha male” to justify and normalize your behaviour, you may need to rethink your self-image. Alpha is not healthy behavior. It is pathology rooted in childhood and environmental trauma.

“Alpha male” or sick puppy?

In this article, we look at “alpha behaviour” and call it for what it arguably is, dysfunctional and toxic psychopathology. The cure, or at least a first direction towards a cure, is simple. Replace unnatural all-male, and all-female, social structures with strong, healthy attachments within functional, “wolf-pack” families.

Born to be good

Priests and some scientists tell us we are evil and savage inside. There is a Freudian Id, and Jungian shadow, a primitive cheap and “damn dirty ape.” But recent science shows that, contrary to ideology, humans are in fact born to be good. The problem is it is beaten out of us and suppressed.

The times they are a changin – Bob Dylan

This song is most certainly talking about the collective awakening that was occurring in the 60s and 70s, before The Family, with the assistance of Hollywood and the actor Ronald Reagan, shut it down. As anybody reading these lyrics will attest, we’re living through another “time changing” moment.

Ego Explosion

Has your [bodily] ego exploded? It is an understatement to say there is a lot of misconception about spiritual awakening and spiritual connection (a.k.a. ascension) out there. It is often a case of the blindfolded leading the blindfolded. I suppose it wouldn't be so...


This is a story about awakening, by Ben Pritchard. It is an awesome description of what happens during an authentic awakening process. As I say in Rocket Scientists' Guide to Spiritual Awakening, it is not all warm fuzzies and crystal vibrations. When we "wake up," we...

Live High – Jason Mraz

This song is a anthem to Connection (live high), activation and empowerment (live mighty) and alignment (live righteously). It is a celebration of the depth of creation. It is statement of belief in the divinity within (God peeking through the blinds), the power of...

Babylon System

Any intermediate or advanced or LP student will recognize this song for what it is, a strong condemnation of the soul sucking, vampire System. On the nature of the System, Bob Marley is quite clear.

Jason Mraz – Love for a Child

Mental health and happiness are elusive things for most people. The problem is our modern capitalist societies have convinced us that to be happy we have to buy products. In the process the true core of happiness, which is aligned, positive, self-identity, is lost. What’s worse, our search for happiness is turned into a desperate drive to have more, and more, and more. The GRAND ILLUSION is that all this purchase is what makes us who we are. However it is not true. True happiness only comes from finding out who you really are, and living in alignment with that self.

What to do if your child is an empath

The Child Empath As children, we are all naturally empathic. As children, we are all highly sensitive to the environment and empathic to life around us. The problem for us all is that, as we grow up, a toxic and violent "system" beats the empathy out of us and we...

What to do if your spouse is an empath

As children, we are all naturally empathic. That is, as children, we are all highly sensitive to the environment and connected to life that surrounds us. The problem for all of us is that, as we grow up, a toxic and violent "system" beats the empathy out of us. As we...

Rock and Roll Jesus: Anti-authoritarian, political emancipator, and revolutionary liberator

For sociologists, Jesus Christ and the associated Catholic Church are generally seen are regressive, conservative, authoritarian, and establishment. While the Church may certainly be all these things, Jesus Christ was, arguably, not. Detailed exegesis of Christian gospels reveals a Christ not as a conservative, gentle, and passive lover of all, but as an impassioned and committed revolutionary set on progressive social change and fundamental revision of elite power structures.

The New Arms Race, the Third World War

This is an article I wrote for The Conversation. This is the draft submitted to the editor. It is placed here as originally written, and in advance of publication, exclusively for LP students. My introduction to advanced communication technology (i.e. the Internet and...

Teen Suicide and Toxic Socialization

What causes physical, emotional, and mental illness? In a word, Toxic Socialization. The damage from toxic socialization is profound, and can range form "simply" psychology, to profound disconnection, to taking one's own life. In this article written for The...


In this article I want to take a brief look at the issue of entheogens or Connection Supplements as I like to call them. In this article I give general guidance and advice on how to safely approach their use as facilitators of authentic connection experience.

The Prayer

This is a poem/prayer from volume one of The Book of Light. It is a summary of the teachings of the volume, a reminder, in a form you can take with you. The goal of the prayer is to impress upon your Bodily Ego the identity and awareness of your Spiritual Ego, with a...

Everybody has a Mystical Experience

We live in a where most people believe in God. Despite propaganda to the contrary, the number of atheists in the world remains rather small (only 3% in the U.S.A and only 9% in Canada), and this is even after a couple centuries of scientific progress (Hunsberger &...

The Evil/Critical Ego

One of the first ideas that we come across when we start a spiritual journey is the idea that the "ego" is the enemy of our spiritual progress. This notion is especially prevalent in Eastern traditions, where annihilation of the ego is often seen as a necessary step...

Michael Jackson – All I Want to Say is They Don’t Really Care About Us

Most people are unaware of this, but towards the end of his life, Michael Jackson became increasingly political, calling out the PTB and inciting peaceful global revolution. In this song, Michael gathers “the people” (the poor, the incarcerated, the disenfranchised) under his wing and takes direct aim at the The System and PTB, actually goosing them at one point. This, and a few other songs and albums, show his increasing awareness of The System and the problems it brings.

A Calling to Awaken by Klaatu: We’re Off You Know

Introducing the band Klaatu, a Canadian band from the 1970s with music and songs that are remarkably aligned and in tune. I’ll be posting their songs as explorations, at appropriate levels, and the first song I’d like to post is the first song from their second album Hope. The song is entitled We’re off you know and it perfectly captures the intent and feeling that I want to convey to you now, which is that moving forward is not about judgment, punishment, worthiness, testing, or anything of that dark ilk. It’s just about opening your eyes, facing the warmth of the sun, and Joyfully climbing on board.

Ben Carson, indoctrination, and the Freemason’s Wheel

Recently, American Senator and man who left his left brain at the lodge, Ben Carson, said people with the right mind set can have everything taken away from them and they'll pull themselves up. He also said that "You take somebody with the wrong mind-set, you can give...

Medical Marijuana for Psychiatric Disorders

Here is an article about the therapeutic efficacy of cannabis, from the magazine Psychology Today. This article was published in 2013,  but as I write these words, it is old news by now. Since this has been written, we know a lot more about the miraculous healing...

Breathing to oxygenate your body

This is a breathing exercise provided by an LP student. Practice this when you are meditating or doing connection visualizations at the advanced level of study. Feel free to comment on your experiences with the exercise in the comment section of this article.

Heart Chakra Blockage – Shaming

One of the best, and certainly the most ubiquitous, methods of closing off heart chakra energies is by shaming. Shaming occurs every time someone with a connection to you makes you feel less than the beautiful, bright, powerful, intelligent, compassionate, loving...

Right Expression of Anger (spiritual anger management)

Anger can be a difficult topic to deal with, especially for the spiritually minded. Many prophets and pundits would have us believe that anger is a bad thing, or that it should be suppressed, or redirected. But that’s not true. Anger is a functional part of the physical unit and if you’re angry the solution isn’t to press it down and pretend you are not, the solution is to confront the source of the anger and deal with that directly. Anything else and you’re just asking for dysfunction, disease, and death.

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