Banishment visualizations are used to actively excluded toxic people from your energetic and personal spaces. Banishment visualizations are similar to boundary visualizations but are generally more powerful as they are focussed on specific individuals.

If there is some individual or group of individuals that you do not want in your life, perhaps because you are in danger, or perhaps because they need more help than you can provide, or perhaps because you are “done” dealing with the negativity, drama, and toxic assaults, a boundary visualization will help separate them from your life path.

Visualization One

Visualize the individual or group of individuals in your mind’s eye. Now, visualize them slowly moving away from you. Visualize them receding into the distance, fading away until they vanish beyond the horizon of your mind’s eye.Push them away, but do so with love and compassion. Tell them that they have a different path home than you, that you longer require their assistance, and that you no longer desire nor welcome their karmic entanglements. There is nothing pernicious or negative here. This is simply an assertion of your boundaries and your right to choose those you welcome into your energetic space.


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