1. Your psyche consists of two basic component, the Bodily Ego which orginates in the brain and CNS of your Physical Unit, and a Spiritual Ego which is exists independently of material reality. The goal of authentic spirituality is to connect your spiritual ego with your bodily ego and, through persistent and consistent Connection Practice connect and merge the two.
  2. Authentic spirituality is all about connection between your spiritual ego and your bodily ego. Connection leads, over the long term, to improved mental, emotional, and physical function.
  3. If you want to improve your connection, take this process seriously. Be disciplined and focussed, establish right environment, do the hard work to heal, ground, and connect, keep your expectations reasonable, breathe if you’re feeling afraid, panicked, or like you are losing control, and stay positive. If you do these things, you’ll make steady and consistent progress forward.</p>
  4. An authentic spirituality is a spirituality that connects you to your spiritual ego, a.k.a. your soul, atman, or higher self. Not all spiritualities are authentic. To assess for yourself whether a spirituality is authentic, look four Connection Outcomes and the presence of all Seven Pillars of Authentic Spirituality
  5. Authentic spirituality should lead to real and verifiable connection outcomes, like awakening, activation, healing, and ascension. These outcomes should begin to occur immediately upon beginning an authentic spiritual practice.
  6. When you connect, you connect to a much brighter Consciousness than your day-to-day Normal Consciousness. As you connect, you will become more aware, more active, and more desirous of change. As that happens, as you make changes, your first experiences may be experiences of resistance. To overcome resistance, stay focussed and work hard.


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