1. If you want to heal and reconnection, you must be in a healthy, safe, non-toxic environments. Toxic environments which are characterized by violence, neglect, chaos, and indoctrination prevents healing and reconnection.
  2. If you fall off a bike and shred your knee, the first thing you must do is clean and treat the wound. The second thing you must do is protect the wound from further damage. If you do not clean and protect the wound, if you expose the wound to further assault, the wound will not heal and will, in fact, get worse.
  3. This is the same for emotional, psychological, and spiritual wounds. If you want them to heal, you have to protect the wounds from infection and further assault. The only way to do that is to eliminate violence and toxicity in your environments. If you don’t clean, treat, and protect your psychic wounds, Emotional Infection (i.e. psychological pathology) can result.
  4. To protect your wounds you must establish Right Environment. To establish right environment
    1. detoxify your home environments so you are not exposed to toxicity behaviours (violence, aggression, etc.) and toxic thought at home.
    2. stay away from/get out of other toxic environments that might infect you.
    3. get away from toxic people who expose you to toxic thoughts and additional harm.
  5. To help shift your realities towards right environment, we recommend a total commitment to non-violence in your life. Non-violence means that no violence is allowed. In a non-violent environment, there is no yelling, no name-calling, no emotional assault, no physical violence, and no aggression of any kind. Committing to non-violence provides solid foundation upon which to build healthy environments where healing can occur.
  6. If you experience guilt and shame when undertaking these surveys do not turn away. Guilt and shame are Steering Emotions. If you want to eliminate guilt and shame and not just repress it, face the truth the about your life, take deep breathes, calm yourself, and make an authentic to reducing and eventually eliminating the toxicity they reveal. The only authentic way to eliminate guilt and shame caused by disjuncture and misalignment is to change your behaviours. Anything else is just repression.
  7. Assess the level of violence in your life using the LP “How Toxic is my World” online survey.
  8. Assess the level of chaos in your environment using the LP “How Chaotic is my World” survey.
  9. Assess the extent to which you contribute to the toxicity of your environments by using the LP “How Violent am I” survey.


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