1. To initiate connection you have to want connection, that’s all. If you want to make a connection, and if you are not frightened of it, connection is easy. Just  intend connection (see Intent to Connect).
  2. You can initiate connection using a Connection Affirmation or a Connection Visualization.
  3. The most powerful connection affirmations include direct and willful statements like “I wish to connect to my Highest Self.”
  4. The most powerful connection visualizations include visualizations that show “light” streaming into your head, from the top. An example is provided in the first four seconds of the Great Invocation visualization, linked below.
  5. To make a connection, say “I wish to connect” and visualize light streaming into your skull. For best effect, repeat the affirmation and visualization often throughout your day.
  6. To stop a connection, say the opposite. Say, “I need a break and with to disconnect.” Visualize the flow of light into your skull stopping.
  7. Keep in mind, things can happen when you begin the connection process. Be mindful and prepared to respond.

Required Readings

  1. Lightning Path Workbook One


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