1. If you want to improve your [spwiki]Connection Practice[/spwiki], be consistent, persistent, disciplined and focussed. The easiest way to do that at the start is to find a [spwiki]Connection Affirmation[/spwiki] and recite often.
  2. Also, be open-minded and forgiving, esp. of yourself. It is much easier to forgive others. Don’t kick yourself for “sins” committed while disconnected. Acknowledge where there is [spwiki]misalignment[/spwiki] and [spwiki]disjuncture[/spwiki], atone, and let go.
  3. Pay attention to the damage caused by [spwiki]Toxic Socialization[/spwiki] and your need to heal.
  4. Take your environment seriously. You need a safe, non-violent space (e.g., [spwiki]Right Environment[/spwiki] to study, meditate, visualize, and practice. You can take the How Toxic is My World quiz to get a sense of where you need to improve your environment.
  5. As a step towards creating right environment, establish emotional, psychological, intellectual, physical boundaries
  6. Be sure to act upon a desire for change. If something requires change and you know it, change it. You cannot move forward towards a stronger connection without also making necessary changes.
  7. Don’t overinflate your expectations. Experiences of pure bliss and transcendence, while nice, are a distraction from the real work at hand, which is healing and connection practice. And besides, permanent connection comes only a planet where everyone is included and involved.
  8. Recognize, this is real work. Connection practice involves processing emotions, grounding new insights, and even shifting your view of the world and your self/Self. Work requires time and effort. Be sure to put that time and effort in.
  9. Practice deep breathing. Learn to deep breathe properly. Deep breathing will calm you and ground you when you struggle to handle stronger connection.
  10. Finally, be positive, not in the don’t worry be happy sense, but in the electrical sense, in the power to act and change sense. Don’t give in to internal resistance, fear, guilt, shame, and self-doubt. You know what you need to do; you know what needs to be changed. Keep your nose to the grindstone and do it.

Required Readings

  1. Lightning Path Workbook One
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