1. The Lightning Path Healing Framework is a framework of seven focus points you need to pay attention to if you are going to properly heal and reconnect. The Focus points include:
    “H” – getting Help if you need it
    “E” – paying attention to your Environment,
    “A” – eliminating Addiction,
    “L” – dealing with Lies,
    “I” – clearing Ideology,
    “N” – focussing on your seven essential Needs,
    “G” –  getting your physical unit into Growth Mode. (HEALING)
  2. Note that the Healing Framework is NOT a therapy. You can choose any established and effective therapy you like, including LP Connection Therapy to help you with your healing and reconnection efforts. The Healing Framework is simply a roadmap to guide your healing journey.
  3. The Healing Framework does NOT provide a linear roadmap. It is”pick and  choose” affair. Follow your intuitive guidance and focus on elements of the healing process you are drawn to. Take an interative approach. Expect to read materials more than once. Grow your understanding as you heal and reconnect.
  4. The Healing Framework is NOT a magic wand. If you want to heal, personal effort is required.

Required Readings

  1. Lightning Path Workbook One – Introduction: Why Healing?


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